Keeping My Bleached Hair Maintained with Philip Kingsley

They say that the hair is an extension of your personality and I think this is so true. I mean, when I'm having a fun month, I'll tint my hair pink, in winter, I'll go a shade darker, and in the summer, I like to go light. 

I have been blonde my whole life. Starting out natural but then going lighter as I got older as my ashy locks left me feeling a little boring. At the moment, my hair is really light blonde and is hard to maintain. Going lighter blonde means trying to combat the yellowing that comes with it. 

I have recently been using a range of Philip Kingsley products to help maintain my luscious locks. The range of Philip Kingsley shampoos were the first ones that were targeted to hair textures as opposed to the basics of normal, oily, dry etc classes of hair.

Choosing a shampoo based on your hair texture makes sure that all your hair needs are met. As I have such light hair, their Pure Silver range is the perfect range for me as it's been specifically formulated for bleached hair. 

Pure Silver combats those yellows tones in the hair, with violet hues and optical brighteners to reduce the appearance of yellow and brassiness, leaving the hair looking brighter and shinier. It can be used daily and gives your hair that attention that is much needed.

After the shampoo, comes the Pure Silver conditioner which helps to prolong the life of colour treated hair. Formulated to work instantly on the hair, the conditioners add smoothness and resilience against daily wear and tear, and leaves the hair shinier and more manageable. 

But taking care of your hair is much more than just shampoo and conditioner. I like to have a toolkit of items, that can be used weekly, or daily, to give my hair the love and attention it needs to keep it looking amazing. 

Daily, I protect my hair with Daily Damage Defence spray which adds elasticity to my hair and protects it from the environment. After washing my hair, a light spray of this instantly detangles my locks and provides heat protection. I find that it also makes my hair shinier and makes it easier to get my hair brush though. 

And talking of hair brushes, having a good quality hair brush is paramount. I use the Philip Kingsley vented paddle brush as it means that the holes allow heat from the hairdryer to disperse quickly, drying my hair faster and more evenly. 

Lastly, is my miracle product that I use weekly. With having bleached hair that is blow dried each day, my hair needs all the protection it can get as it can dry out and become brittle very easily. Elasticizer is a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment and it is Philip Kingsley's number one selling product world wide, and I can see why.

It's simple to use, but you need some time to let it work its way in, so I do this treatment weekly. I apply it from the mid-length, right to the tips, and massage it in to cover all my hair strands. And then leave it to work for about 20 minutes. After this I rinse and then shampoo and condition it. 

In this time, the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer delivers a rush of moisture to the inside of the hair cuticles without weighing down the hair. Strengthening and giving elasticity to the hair leaving no coating on the hair. It's like a wonder product. Taking all the dryness, all the dull, and leaving a hydrated, supple and silkiness to each strand of my hair. 

Since I have been using all of these Philip Kingsley products in my hair, I have noticed such a significant difference to the appearance and feel of my hair. It has life, it has bounce, and it has a much more natural colour. My hair also dries better - I am able to blow dry it without it going frizzy and haven't needed to straighten it half as much as I used to do. 

Philip Kingsley have thought of so much when it comes to taking care of your hair. Elasticizer to truly bring my hair back to life, Pure Silver to maintain the colour and, defence spray to protect against the heat of my hair dyer. 


  1. Not heard of daily defence ! Would be of benefit to me
    Great range of products

  2. These look like such a great range of products.

  3. Love how the 3 products work in unisen the shampoo, conditioner and black mist spray to give you touchable soft, shiny and volume hair BLACKWOOD FOR MEN

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