Dyson AM06 Cool Fan Review

Bank holiday weekend has been a gone, and since we got back from Spain, the weather has been scorching. It's been the perfect week full of gorgeous weather - I think we may have brought it back with us!

The day after we arrived back from our holiday, as we were starting to melt from the British sun, a fabulous Dyson Cool AM06 Fan arrived from AO.com and it was out of the box and ready to be used in no time at all. 

Now, at first glance you wouldn't even suspect that this cool and sleek machine is a fan - there is no blades and no awful grating on the front - just a round abyss in the middle, almost artistic in style. At 55cm tall, I would say it is more of a desk fan, although it is much more powerful than a regular one. 

As Dyson themselves say 'Some fans are quiet but weak. Others are powerful but noisy. The new Dyson Cool fans are quiet and powerful' and it is so true. The amount of power that comes out of the fan is astounding, and it's so, so quiet at the same time. 

This new range of Dyson Cool fans are up to 75% quieter than the previous generation. Dyson engineers have reduced turbulence throughout the machine by channelling airflow more efficiently. Motor noise and vibration have been isolated and significantly reduced too. They also consume 40% less power than their predecessor. 

The Dyson fans are bladeless and they deliver a powerful burst of air, creating a constant stream of air for improved cooling. The fan has an easy tilt function so you can direct the air to anywhere in the room that you desire and the soft touch button on the front means you can have cold air bursting through the room in no time. 

My favourite thing about it? The noise, or lack there of... It's silent, thanks to the fact that it has no blades, so you can have it on during the night and it wont disturb your sleep. I can even watch the soaps without having the ramp the volume of the t.v. up as the fan keeps me cool. 

The Dyson Cool Fan even has a remote for easy use. The remote has the more specific settings on it (the fan itself only has a button to turn it on and off). From being able to make it oscillate so the cold air can venture around the room, to the timer which will turn the fan off after a set specific amount of time to stop it from just running and running. 

You can also choose between a speed setting of between 1 and 10 - 10 being super powerful and getting lower from there. On and evening, we have been using it on around the 4 mark and oscillating, to cool the living room whilst we watch box sets. 

To make this fan even better, the remote is magnetised so it can be stored neatly on the machine, it is easy to clean as there are no blades or safety grilles, and it is safe. When having children around, having a regular fan can be a nightmare as they seem to always like poking the fan, or trying to stick things in it. 

With the Dyson Fan, you can stick your hand, or head, straight through it, and all you'll feel is a nice bit of cold air...


  1. Ooo wow so stylish so practical - would LOVE one

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  2. Are these cost effective to run cos I know there not cheap to buy. They do look lovely and will last forever

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