Amazing DIY Firepit Ideas for Your Garden

Have you always wanted to include a firepit in your garden but don’t like the style of shop bought ones? If so, making your own is the option for you but building it properly so that it can withstand the heat is critical. But it is possible. And here’s how.

The flames of a fire are mesmerising as they are warming and so it is no wonder that many people are including them in the garden. By adding heat in this way, you can use your garden long into the evening and also on cooler evenings in the autumn too.

Building your own is a possibility but there are a few things you need to consider;
* Make sure any materials you use are safe for use in high heat areas
* Don’t skimp on the quality of materials
* Don’t overextend yourself in terms of your DIY skills

Idea 1 – Concrete circular firepit
Mark out a large circle on the lawn area and cut out with a sharp spade. Remove the grass and dirt until the base of the circle is a few inches deep.

Spread heat resistant gravel, choosing an inexpensive but large pebble and fill the entire circle so that the gravel is flush to the with the lawn.

Use a smaller round firepit insert – specialist DIY shops may stock these or use the metal inner of an old, large wheel (pop down to your local scrap dealer) – and using pre-cut concrete blocks – available from builder’s merchants, create a wall around the inner fire pit wheel. Build it so that it reaches the top of the inner circle.

Built well and from the right materials, this DIY firepit will last for years. Choose high-quality furniture to enjoy the warmth of the flames, such as modern garden rattan furniture from Rattan Direct.

Idea 2 – Making a feature out of it
A fire pit will be the place around which people will congregate and so it makes sense to make it into a feature, including seating.

How you design yours is down to you but a half-circle wall seat around an inner firepit is a great way to create a focal point in the landscape of your garden.

Start by marking out the size of the whole feature, placing the firepit at the front edge of your final design. Make sure you have enough space between the fire and anyone seated as too close will make it an uncomfortable place to sit.

Idea 3 – Concrete tree rings 
You can make your own concrete tree rings and are commonplace, as you would expect, around the base of trees in public and private gardens.

The ones available to buy – you might find you have to order online from abroad as they are not common in the UK yet – are taller than the smaller tree rings and made from a flame resistant material.

Effectively, these half-circle rings fit together to create a fire pit. Use two layers to create a smaller fire pit area in the middle, surrounded by a gravel edge to give it a prettier finish.

Idea 4 – A washing machine drum fire pit
A fire, in order to burn successfully, needs three things – fuel, heat and oxygen thus creating a closed fire pit without adequate air intake will mean the fire stutters and possibly extinguishes before it gets chance to really get going.

That’s why when gardeners burn wood etc. in drums, there are usually holes in the side of the incinerator. And that’s why the drum from an old washing machine is ideal.

Full of small holes, there is not too much air to blow out the flames but enough oxygen to feed the fire. Make sure any rough edges are smoothed and sit the drum up off the ground by sitting it on concrete blokes, making sure it is sturdy.

Idea 5 – Use old brick
Old, red bricks can be used for so many things and because they were kiln-dried, they are perfect for use in a high heat environment like a fire.

Most fire pits are safer dug into the ground slightly and with this super simple idea, cut out a shape of your choice in the lawn, either circular or round.

Using the red bricks standing on their shorted edge, create an edge around the perimeter of the shape cut into your lawn. Fill the base with a layer of gravel, collect some dry firewood and chop into kindling.

Create a small tower of kindling in the case and using firelighters, light the fire. Allow the kindling to become well-alight before you place large, dried logs on the fire and then sit back and enjoy.

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