5 Ways To Add Value To Your Home

To renovate or not renovate? That’s a crucial question when you’re planning to put your house on the market. If you want to work your way up the property ladder to own your dream home, or you just want to make your home the best it can possibly be, you need to know how to maximise the value of where you live. You can get a quick valuation with Andrews to give your a starting point to work from. Here are 5 of the best ways to add value to your property.

Spruce Up The Kitchen
Fitting a new kitchen can cost a small fortune but is worth it to make your house worth those few extra pounds. Obviously, if you're planning to sell, there is no sense in fitting a branded, high priced brand new kitchen, instead work with what you've got. Give old cupboard a nice lick of paint to cover marks. Make it light and bright to really show off the space to prospective buyers. 

Garden Appeal
Garden space can be limited, so if you’ve got it, make sure you’re making the most of it, especially when you’re planning to sell. A small deck or patio can transform a garden into an entertaining space, an extension of the house. First impressions are essential, so if you’re selling, give your home some appeal by with a lick of paint, a new gate and tidying up the weeds.

Add Value In The Bathroom
Now you don't have to go all out and fit an entirely new bathroom if all yours is modern and in working order. But adding a shower can add so much value to your property. Making the bathroom shine with some new taps and plugs, clean grouting, and no rusty fixtures and it'll make the bathroom stand out. 

Convert Your Garage Into A Living Space
If your garage isn’t being used to house a car, and you have space for parking outside, then it could make sense to convert it into an actual living space, rather than just a big storage room. Once you've checked if your garage is suitable for conversion and whether you would need planning permission for this you can get to work changing the garage door to a window and creating a very new room for your house. Whether it be a dining room, play room, whatever, this would add value as everyone needs more space!

Loft Conversion
Like the option above, a loft conversion would give you more space and makes use of the empty space in the house that is currently being wasted. An extra bedroom can add up to 15 per cent to the value of your home, especially if it’s a loft conversion with an en suite bathroom. Making a full house width master bedroom is something that is sought after nowadays. Plan it properly to maximise your space and you could easily fit a nice sized master, en suite and walk in wardrobe (dependent on house size) into the loft space. 

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  1. Kitchen is next on my list and then the bathroom - cant wait to get started onit