What Should You Eat For A Healthy Smile?

In the era of social media, Instagram pictures and selfies, everybody wants to look gorgeous and have a Hollywood smile. You might agree that a photo of an individual with neglected or missing teeth can make the poster self-conscious. 

A few years ago many overseas dental destinations were almost a white unknown hole on the map, while nowadays hundreds or even thousands of people travel to Romania, Bulgaria or Hungary to undergo affordable and cheap dental treatment in Europe. Without any doubt an amazing holiday combined with dental implant treatment in Croatia or Bulgaria is the perfect solution, but you can help your teeth stay healthy for your whole life just by following a healthy diet and a few really simple rules.

You won’t be surprised that sugar does not do great job for your oral health. When you eat products that contain sugar, bacteria that is present in plaque, simply reacts with sugar and produces acids, that cause tooth decay. So if you snack regularly during a day, and forget or neglect oral care, you will probably wreck the health of your pearly whites very soon.

If you want to enjoy a healthy smile, you should have regular dental check ups and include the following products in your daily diet:

* yoghurt, cheese and eggs – full of calcium and vitamin D, very essential not only during teeth development, but also is needed by a human body;

* red meat and tofu are a great source of such essential mineral as phosphorus;

* salmon as it is rich in Omega-3 fat, which might prevent periodontal disease;

* fruits and vegetables – they contain lots of water and fibre, and are certainly very helpful in cleaning your teeth;

If you love your teeth, and go to great lengths caring for them as you do with your skin, body and hair, you should avoid having coffee and drinking red wine, forget about sweets and takeaways. However, if you cannot resist and enjoy a cup of coffee during chatting with your friend, simply brush your teeth after eating these products.

Although dental implant treatment is getting more affordable now, prevention is the best thing you can do to keep your teeth and gums healthy – regular brushing and flossing, following a healthy diet and seeking professional help twice a year.

Enjoy life without compromising your oral health!

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