VonHaus Single Pine Bed Review

A few days ago I wrote about how we'd been Creating A Boys Bedroom That Will Grow With The Ages and the VonHaus single pine bed was a part of that post. I wanted to write a little more about why I chose this bed as the single one for this bedroom. 

The VonHaus single pine bed comes in white and gives an update to the bedroom so that J can sleep in style in this popular shaker style bed. I adore this style of bed and luckily this one comes in different sizes so that even adults could have this gorgeous bed also. 

The bed is made from solid pinewood with robust framework and mid-support legs to more evenly distribute weight. And although it comes in a lot of pieces when it first comes out of the box, it was fairly easy to build (once I'd worked out the headboard). 

The slatted base offers great support by adapting to weight and ensures a good level of ventilation to the mattress but I would have loved a couple extra slats if I'm honest - it could do with maybe 2 or 3 more just to give it a bit better distribution under the mattress. 

I love that the bed is slightly lower than others which makes it perfect for J as he's still prone to getting out of bed during the night. He can easily get on and off the bed without problem and has the headboard or footboard to hold onto to help. 

The VonHaus single pine bed is really sturdy, down to the extra central legs, which is also great when young children are using it as I'm sure we all know that no matter how much we tell them not to jump on the bed - they're going to jump on the bed!


  1. This bed looks fab it would so go well in Blake's room or over at my mum's as a spare :)

  2. Great bed for youngsters.

  3. I'm loving this style

  4. Actually really cute - would look great in the spare room