Creating A Rose Gold Master Bedroom

We've slowly been getting round to updating the decor in our house lately. It started last month when I wrote about how we created a silver and grey livingroom, and now we've gone upstairs to the next lot of rooms. 

The master bedroom in our house was in dire need of updating. It has been dark purple since we moved in and it made the room look so dark and dreary. I've always dreamt of having a bedroom that is relaxing but luxurious, and has the design that looks bold but serine at the same time.

I spent a lot of time looking around for ideas. Most people seem to go for white and magnolia in their bedrooms it seems, but that is totally not me, I wanted a nice colour to give the room a theme. That's when I came across this Superfresco Myrtle Geo wallpaper in Blush Pink from Wilko. 

Now I'm not usually a pink type of girl, but this just stood out to me. It isn't bright at all - the pink is so understated and the geometric rose gold pattern is what stands out in the wallpaper. This was the one I wanted and so I ordered 2 rolls which I measured would fit the feature wall perfectly. 

Not only does this wallpaper bring a gorgeous contemporary feels to the room, but it's a paste the paper which means decorating is faster and easier to do. We then popped to B&Q where we picked some Valspar colour matching paint in the Perfectly Pinkish colour. I didn't want the room to all be exactly the same colours so opted for this cream which has a pink tint to it. 

That's the walls done, now onto textiles. I'm not really a fan of matching bedding and curtains, as I like to change my bedding weekly and wouldn't want to have to do that with my curtains too to match. Instead, I just pick out similar coloured ones so that they're easy to match with each other. 

The curtains are these Sienna Crushed Velvet ring top curtains which are fully lined and are in natural mink with a hint of champagne gold. We have to go big with the curtains as we have very wide windows, so this does narrow down our choices sometimes, but I was lucky that these were available in our required size. If you struggle getting the correct curtain size to match your windows then made to measure may be your best bet.

Our bedding of choice was the Boulevard Velvet Strip superking bedding in Oyster. This has a soft champagne crushed velvet top panel in a cream colourway. As our bed is a superking, it means that we don't have much choice when it comes to bedding, we can't just pop to town and pick some up as most places only go up to king sized. Looking on Amazon means that I can choose from a much more varied range. 

Above the bed, I knew I wanted some framed artwork to really stand out and give the centre of the room some focus. This Cult Living Mountain Print Framed Poster is in a white and pink design and comes framed at an A2 size. It gives a modern feels to the room with such a contemporary design and gives the room a bit of focus to point towards. 

I'm not a lamp type of person, I prefer lighting by candle if I can and so I just had to have an Only & Eve Atreano & Amber Candle to pave the way of lightness and give a beautiful aroma of Mediterranean green fig, amber, walnut and almond to the room. I also have the East Cay Escape diffuser sitting on my sideboard and my More Than Words Personalised Poem so that the subtle touches of Pink papaya, melon, mandarin, cassis and coconut drift throughout our bedroom whilst we sleep. 

For the main lighting though, this Copper Gem Moroccan Style Chandelier light shade was a perfect match for the room design and has given the room a great finish. 


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