5 Ways To Create A Comfortable Bedroom

You're allowed to take shortcuts in life, especially if they make your house pretty. Bedroom decorating is always a hot topic and no matter how big or small your bedroom, making your bedroom soothing and interesting, while maximising your storage and still looking elegant and decorative is a challenge. 

So here are my 5 ways to create a comfortable bedroom...

It's All In The Bed
No matter how your bedroom looks, or how much money you spent on it, to make it comfortable, you have to have the right mattress. My best suggestion, before evening thinking of purchasing a new mattress, is to pop down to a bed store and try a few out for comfort. Even if you plan to buy online, as I find that Groupon mattress deals are always amazing, it's best to try different styles to see which suits you personally. Memory foam, spring, firm or hard - it's important as you'll be the one taking zzz's on it for the forseable. 

Add A Feature Wall
Creating a feature wall in your bedroom is a great way to create a feature in a featureless room. You can paint one wall in a bright, deep, or dramatic colour to get the desired effect or go for a gorgeous patterned wallpaper. I went for a dusky pink and rose gold wallpaper for our feature wall. I think it just sets the scene for the bedroom and gives it that added sparkle of glamour. 

Use An Array Of Candles
Bright lighting in a bedroom can just make everything look just a bit too much - and no one needs such a bright light in the morning. I like to have a dim lamp but then tons of candles. Now they don't all have to be lit all the time. Not only do candles give that extra bit of light, but scented ones fill the whole room with the most beautiful aromas. 

Add A Personal Touch 
This can be done many ways and can bring your own atmosphere of calm in a room, with items or memories, that bring a level of comfort to yourself personally. Whether it be a focal wall full of family pictures, or a personalised gift from a loved one. 

Fabric Decorations
Never underestimate the power of the bedroom cushions and pillows. Whether you use colour or texture, you can quickly change the whole decorating look of your bedroom using different sized pillows and cushions. Rich or muted colours can help you create a balanced look, and by layering patterns and textures you can create an ambience of luxury and comfort. Even having thick sumptuous curtains can bring an element of beauty to a room. 

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  1. I really do love how you've done your bedroom. Candles and adding a personal touch are a must!