5 Tips For A Stress Free Flight With Children

This year, we are looking to start travelling more as a family, trying to venture further afield than the UK to explore the World and our surroundings. To show the children the amazing sights, the beautiful cultures of other countries and give them those experiences to grow up with. 

In a fortnight we start our first step onto this journey with a short haul travelling to Spain so we can gauge how the boys react to flying. C suffers with anxiety so this will be a big moment to see what he'll be like as a flyer. 

It's been a long time coming, and we've saved every bit of spare money that we've had available and it's great to say that we are now going this month. And I thought I'd write my tips for occupied when flying with children. 

Activities are a life saver
Flying can be boring - we'll be on board for 2 and a half hours and if you've got nothing for the children to do, it's going to be a long few hours. Anything that is easy to carry and light will work. A doodle pad and some crayons, a set of cards so you can have some competitions as you fly, even a tablet which you can download some kids films from Netflix (or on a dongle) to keep them occupied for a little bit. 

Always bring snacks
First of all, yes snacks are ridiculously expensive on board the aeroplane but that's not the reason I say to bring your own snacks. It's just so much easier. You can pack exactly what you know they'll eat without no moaning about choices once you're up in the air. 

Sweets to protect the ears
Okay, this is similar to snacks, but this is for a different reason. The pressure change when flying can cause some horrendous pain in the ears, and children just don't know how to handle this. Keeping children moving their mouth whilst sucking sweets can help ease this pressure and stop the pain. 

Make regular toilet stops
Now this one doesn't really apply to my children all that much as they are pretty much obsessed with the toilets on any moving vehicle. But flying can be a long process, from boarding the plane to being allowed to take off your seatbelt and rush to the loo, it's best to have many pit stops as possible before boarding and before landing too, so there's no holding it in. 

If all else fails, do the walk of shame
When you are at your wits end with a fussy child in a public place, the number one solution to help calm them down is for you to take them for a walk. On an aeroplane, you have a space that is roughly  90 feet long and a couple of foot wide, with a drinks cart to dodge. Expect some dodgy looks off people who don't have children as you parade up and down the same walkway repeatedly, but your child will love just being out of their seat just for a few minutes. 

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