5 Reasons Why You Should Financially Invest in Your Garden

The garden can be a gold mine on your doorstep but with so few of us making the most of our gardens, take a look at five reasons why investing in your outdoor space, no matter how small, could bring a return on investment.

How much have you truly invested in your garden financially? Most people assume that ‘spending on the garden’ means pots and flowers. Whilst this is to be applauded, investing in your garden so that it truly offers a versatile and stylish space will bring a return on investment, especially when you come to sell.

But it is an even deeper consideration than increasing property value…

#1 Design appropriate to the house
Unfortunately, many gardens don’t quite hit the mark because a. we don’t invest in them to make them the ideal space and b. when we do, the design may be stunningly beautiful and suit us, but it doesn’t fit with the property.

And what is meant by this is designing a garden that offers the outdoor space potential buyers would use it for. A family home, for example, doesn’t need a complicated, fancy garden design – just a flat lawn and some low-maintenance evergreen shrub borders.

For a bungalow or an apartment that single tenants of couples would opt for, possibly with more time on their hands, a garden full of flowers, a pond and waterfall would be in keeping with what the buyer or tenant would expect.

#2 Quality chattels
Chattels are the accessories that we associate with a certain space and in the garden, investing in quality furniture and accessories means that in the long run, you spend less.

Ditch the wobbly plastic chairs with their splaying legs and instead opt for;

* Garden rattan furniture – as well a natural rattan, there is a composite material that is bringing better quality garden furniture at the lower end of the budget.

* Dining set – dining al fresco is a sheer delight when the weather is warm and the sun shining.

* Relaxed seating – from a sun lounger to the fantastic rattan corner sofas, opt for more informal seating rather than just the upright dining chair.

#3 Save money on grocery bills
Before you roll your eyes, consider this: that small plot of land (or a large one) with little to no effort could yield some of your favourite fruit and veggies.

You don’t need a greenhouse, polytunnel or cold frame necessarily but they can help some veggies and fruits to give a bigger and more abundant crop. But strawberries growing in your borders and potatoes growing in large sacks, tomato plants in grow bags and the like will reduce your grocery bill.

And why not join the hens in urban landscapes revolution and adopt unwanted factory hens? As well as giving you an egg most days, they will keep insects and pesky slugs off your blooms too.

#4 Save money on waste costs
Council charging to take away green waste 42% of councils are charging to remove green waste. Known as the garden bin tax, by 2022 all councils in England, Scotland and Wales are expecting to charge for removal of garden waste. Whilst it may ‘only’ be £30 to £50 a year, for most families, tenants and homeowners, this is money they would rather spend on something else.

And so again, your garden could give you a financial return in that you compost all your garden waste. From mulching leaves to composting cuttings and weeds alongside kitchen waste, save yourself more money by not having to pay the garden bin tax.

Of course, your local authority is not the only option when it comes to paying someone to remove garden waste. Not many composts would cope with the weekly grass cuttings, so shop around for prices from local gardening and landscaping companies to see what services they offer and for how much.

#5 Improves health
We don’t often think of our health as a financial asset but in the modern age, it certainly is.

Not just good for our physical health – half an hour of robust digging can work enough calories to indulge in a Mars bar – it is mental health too.

In times of austerity, not all employers are offering generous packages when it comes to health insurance and the like. Spend more than a few weeks on sick leave and you may find your pay is halved or, the worst-case scenario, you have to survive on statutory sick pay, a weekly payment that will be a lot less than your salary.

And so, by gardening, you stay physically fitter, but gardening is also a mood-enhancer. And frankly, that is worth more than money.

Rattan Direct understand why financially investing in the garden brings rewards – and not just a financial one!

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  1. We need to do this and are considering hiring a landscape gardener to do it. It's not cheap though!