10 Ways To Have Me Time | Guest Post by Joanna Victoria

Hi everyone My name is Joanna and I write at Joanna Victoria. I’m an Ultimate Bookworm, coffee and Netflix addict. I’m also mummy to 3 year old Blake and wife to Stuart. We live in a small town in Bedfordshire. Thank you to Michaela for letting me take over her blog for today.

Me time is often something us Mum’s rarely have as we spent most of our time focusing on the children. It's also something we feel guilty about when we actually do have a moment to ourselves. We definitely shouldn't though as its so important to focus on ourselves so we don't end up burning out.

Here I'm sharing 10 ways I like to spend a bit of me time especially if you are stuck for ideas.

1. Reading
I'm such a bookworm and reading is my absolute favourite thing to do when spending time on my own. There is nothing better than snuggling up with a good book or magazine with a mug of coffee and a chocolate bar. I'm currently just about to start reading A gathering light if anyone is interested.

2. Writing in a journal
This is something I started doing this year. I love writing in my Happy by Fearne Cotton journal every evening. I also own a few others that I like dipping in and out of from time to time.

3. Going for a walk
It's definitely something i need to do a lot more often when I have the chance to do on my own. I sometimes go for a little walk to and around town on my own when Blake is at Preschool

4. A relaxing bath
The best way I've found to do this is when Blake is in bed and i lock the door so i don't get disturbed.

5. Just sitting
Sometimes it's just lovely to just sit down and enjoy a mug of coffee by yourself.

6. Netflix/films and chill
Sometimes it just lovely to watch something on your own that your partner and/or children aren't into such as vampire diaries, Riverdale etc.

7. Music
I love popping on my headphones and listening to my favourite songs and new ones I find. If both Blake and Stuart are out I love having music out loud and singing along.

8. Calm app
I love listening to the mindfulness meditations on this app although there are many others like headspace for example.

9. Podcasts
Podcasts are very new to me. So far I've listened to Happy Mum, Happy Baby with Giovanna Fletcher and am now making my way through Fearne Cotton’s podcast Happy Place. I'd love to know more if anyone has any recommendations.

10. Pinterest
I honestly could spend all day on Pinterest if I could. If you don't have it why not? It's a great app where you can find everything from recipes to quotes, cleaning hacks to interior designs and more

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