Travel More for Less: How to Get those Great Deals

When you have a family, getting the best deals means that you can do more. It doesn’t matter what income you have; everyone should aim to save money when they can. When it comes to travel, this is particularly important. Knowing when the best time to book flights can save you so much money and can mean the difference between a weekend holiday to a lengthy vacation. Knowing the best days to fly isn’t enough, either. The optimal time to book longhaul flights is September research by Opodo reveals, meaning families should book their beach holiday at the start of the school year.

Why should you look for the best deals?
Parents shouldn’t have to hold off on their travel dreams just because they have children, and children can learn a lot from travelling, even if they don’t remember the trip itself. As you do have to provide for your family, however, you need to do all that you can to make each trip as cheap as possible. One of the best ways to achieve this, of course, is to find the cheapest travel dates and to get the best deals on flights.

Flights can either be the cheapest or most expensive part of your trip. Last minute flight deals can be upwards of thousands of pounds per ticket if you aren’t careful, and as such many destinations seem out of reach for a family’s budget. Opodo has researched average flight costs and has compiled a comprehensive study allowing all travellers to book the cheapest flights possible, determining that six weeks before you depart is the best time for seeking out the best deals!

Find the best days and months to book
Their findings have suggested that not only do you need to look for the cheapest days to fly on, but you also need to consider when you book. The best time to book for a holiday to go abroad to America, for example, is in September, on a Tuesday, and the best time to book for is six weeks in advance. For short-haul flights, you should book on a Wednesday in January (perfect for those suffering from the January Blues), and if you’re flying domestic, Sunday in October is ideal for surfing the internet.

The price of flights fluctuate so often that finding the sweet spot can be difficult. As a family, even knowing when the best time to book and when the best time to go can be hard, since children have school and half-term and holiday periods spike in price for everything from flights to accommodation. These breaks are a very popular time, after all, but knowing how to find the best deal using price comparisons and insider knowledge can help you and your family have great trips around the world for the best prices. If you’ve missed the six week mark, though, don’t despair! Book in week 2 for more deals, and have you and your family relaxing in luxury this summer.


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