Ten Reasons Why Artificial Plants Are Cool!

All professional spaces need to present their business in the most effective manner as the adage ‘love at first sight’ is equally applicable in the business arena. Studies conducted also indicate that people become relaxed and productive if they are staying close to the nature. 

No matter, if you happen to be the owner of a prime commercial setting, or a person involved in construction of the same; you would naturally want to embellish the place with natural elements. Using live plants means you are opening the Pandora’s Box of problems and for this reason, using the fake landscaping elements have reached great popularity in modern landscaping themes.

While revamping a commercial place, both outdoors and indoors should be given due attention to make a solid first impression on the visitors and for this an artificial bonsai tree is considered to be the best landscaping option. Placing artificial boxwood wreath and other fake landscaping accessories help to make the place more inviting and attractive to all those who flock around the place, and further create a good buzz that helps generate revenue.

One item countless varieties
Artificial trees and plants is a generic name that covers a large variety of landscaping products. As these can melt with any professional setting, they add excellent sophistication to all types of commercial environments. Other than different varieties of fake trees, plants and fake orchids; there is a plethora of flowering plants of different varieties, shapes and sizes including the fake hydrangeas that can transform the most ordinary setting into a mesmerising ambience. Aside from these, there are different forms of topiaries and a wide collection of palms and palm components for revamping any commercial and residential landscape as well.

Coming with astounding features the artificial trees and plants can equally elevate the indoors and outdoors of shopping malls, large corporate buildings, government office complexes, hospitals, luxury hotels & restaurants, exotic bars & casinos, amusement parks etc.

Here is a quick overview of why they are so cool.

1. Your space is free from pests
Live trees and plants are beautiful, but they are likely to attract various kinds of pests and insects like spiders, bugs and also grow fungus and moulds. As the fake plants are made from faux foliage, these do not support the pests keeping your customers, clients and guests free from ravaging insect attacks. If you are having trouble with pests visit https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/exterminator/california/

2. Unnaturally natural beauties
The artificial trees and plants are made form the best quality foliage and every care is taken to make them absolutely lifelike so that they can easily melt with their live counterparts. They have such a high degree of botanical perfection that you can only feel the difference if touched by hands.

3. Enhances the moods of the people around
People have an affinity for natural greens and many studies indicate that when people are surrounded by natural elements, they have happy feelings. With their amazing beauties, the artificial trees and plants have the same mood enhancing capacity like their natural versions. When included in the outdoor or indoor of any commercial or residential place, they add life to the place bringing in aesthetically pleasant visuals and positive vibes.

4. Require little or no maintenance
While the natural plants require soil, water, fertilisers to keep them alive, the artificial trees and plants do not require such things. Moreover, there is no chance of overgrowing the place and so, no pruning is required. Only periodic dusting ensures their shine forever. Unlike the natural plants, the artificial orchids can be placed even in the most low-light corners.

5. Never spoils your holidays
Using artificial trees and plants you need not worry what will happen to the landscape during the weekly holidays, as there is no chance of having any botanical corpses. The faux trees never die and do not shade leaves and, therefore, stay there glowing for long.

6. Can bring in any environment in urban spaces
With their many varieties, the lifelike landscaping elements can deliver you a desert feeling in your commercial space, if you use the artificial cactus and can also create a tropical vibe when fake tropical trees and plants are used for decoration.

7. They glow equally throughout the year
Being artificially manufactured, the fake landscaping products are independent of seasonal variations. Further, they never wilt. While all natural flowers bloom in specific seasons, the fake flowering plants stay there with alluring charm in all seasons reliving you from seasonal worries. Coming in standard pots these are highly portable and can be installed very easily.

8. No chance of fading
The artificial trees and plants are manufactured from high quality plastic foliage and color pigments and special fade resistant chemicals are also added for making those inert to the harsh effect of the UV rays. Thus, you can easily install them in outdoors flooded with scorching sun rays without any fear of getting yellowish.

9. Absolutely safe option
Safety can never be compromised for beautification of any commercial setting because there are incidents when the landscaping elements helped spread of fire. The best feature of the fake landscaping products is that they are made fire retardant. Although these are made from plastic material, impregnation of fire retardant chemicals during the manufacturing process makes the artificial trees and plants totally fire safe.

10. These are wallet friendly 
Although appear to be delicate, the artificial trees and plants are much durable. These manage to keep their glam shine and appearance for a long time making the fake landscaping elements a one-time investment. Combination of all unique features makes it a cost effective landscaping option.

You can also enjoy exclusive offers
Special arrangements are available for the landscaping professionals and businesses longing to procure high volume of artificial botanical beauty including wholesale artificial flower arrangements. The offer covers
· Business discounts
· Delivering turnkey landscaping projects
· Custom artificial landscaping elements

Depending on the volume of the business the clients can also enjoy credit facilities and dedicated client account service representative.

With their magnificent charm, faux plants and trees can impart a heavenly beauty to your commercial setting. Are you ready for the transformation?


  1. I completely agree with you, Michaela. The quality of artificial plants and flowers these days is vastly improved.

    Real plants can be dangerous for pets, too, and they often manage to knock them over leaving soil and broken bits of plants everywhere.

  2. Vast improvement since days gone by - so easy to maintain !