Every Second Counts - Making The Most Of Your Weekends

During the working week, it's safe to say that most of that Monday to Friday day times are spent working and looking after all things to do with the kids. The weekends are another matter though, and having those 2 days to play with, it's important to make sure you try out new things in your new-found free time. 

The Waterfront Hotel, a wedding venue and spa in Bedfordshire, have listed some suggestions to show what you can do on those long weekends...

Exercising is a great way to spend your spare time to not only help you keep fit but to improve your overall wellbeing too. Using your spare time, you could train for a half-marathon or go on long walks to promote weight loss. Or for something a lot more laid back, head to your local spa for a relaxing swim and sauna session. If you have a swim and sauna session for an hour a day on the weekend you can still improve your fitness and wellbeing levels.

Learn to drive
Some people choose not to drive for a range of reasons — petrol and general running expenses, environmental factors and the stresses that can come with being behind the wheel. But, driving can open you up to many opportunities and even leads to learning new skills as you can get around more. 

You can also then look for jobs further afield, venture on driving holidays and visit family and friends who don’t live close by. With a full-time job though, driving can be difficult. How long would it take if you used your weekends to learn how to pass your test?

I did 40 hours of driving lessons (20x 2 hour lessons) and then took time to read up about the theory test so I could be prepared. Taking time to educate yourself and really prepare, mean that I passed first time in my theory and practical tests. 

Learn a new language
Why not use the time to learn a new language? Benny Lewis, author of Fluent in 3 Months and fluent speaker of seven languages, estimates that it can take around 400-600 hours to be a proficient speaker at B2 level. This is where you can express yourself on a range of topics and would be able to show someone around an area and give detailed descriptions in the new language.

I'm already quite a good French and German speaker, but would love to home in on my skills a little more so it would be great to schedule in some time to learn a language to a good speakable standard. 

Of course, there are endless amounts of things that you can do with your spare time. You could learn to cook, take up photography or even write a novel. You could even start your own blog! Start being proactive and make the most of your weekends.

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  1. Great ideas the weekend's fly by so it's a good idea to make the most of them.