Creating A Boys Bedroom That Will Grow With The Ages

Trying to create a nice room for children can be so hard work. You want one that can grow through the years but still look like a child's room. Throw having 3 children, who all want to share, into the mix and I knew that we could be heading for disaster. 

As all the boys wanted to share, we have had to organise their rooms to fit. One room is now the toy room and has most of the drawers in there to store clothing and keep all their books housed. The other room is the bedroom and will be home to their beds as the main room for the boys.

The walls were a hard one to sort. It was a case of searching high and low to find a wallpaper that would suit a boys room and that would fit for years to come. This Superfresco Tarek Easy Wallpaer in Juane Bleu, which I got from Wilko, did just that. With the triangle geometric design, this wallpaper brings colour and a design scheme to the room. 

Matched with Valspar colour matching paint which can be picked up and matched to over 2,000 different colours, or you can have your wallpaper scanned so it matches to it exactly. We didn't need ours scanning as I found a lovely grey, called Harp Strings which matches in with the design of the boys wallpaper. 

So the main bulk of the room would be beds. We needed to find a set of bunk beds for one side of the room as that would then cover 2 of the boys. Eventually settling on the Tupelo Single Bunk Bed from Wayfair. I find that white always looks nicer so opted for the white bunks which are crafted from solid Rubberwood with a traditional slatted design. 

At the other side of the room we were in need of a single bed to give the 3 boys their own beds. This VonHaus Single Pine Bed was what we chose - again, this pine shaker style bed is white to co-ordinate with the bunks. 

For the beds, we then found this beautiful Scandi Geo Single Duvet Set from Room To Grow and quickly bought three. The design matches totally with the walls and we even found the curtains which co-ordinate with the bedding too. 

Trying to get the room with some personal touches came with a bit of a hurdle. Trying to fit 3 full names in the walls would have been a small miracle so we opted for these Simple Letter Personalised Prints which are framed and come from Hello Moon.

It meant that each of the boys gets their initial on the main wall, like I use for them on my blog, but they know that they are just for them. I also added the lightbox for an extra effect - which they can change up whenever they want to too. 

On the entrance wall, this Large Mint Green Felt Letterboard from Ginger Snap looks so stunning. It means that each evening I can change the text to give the boys a sweet message as they go to bed, and it looks great on the wall too.


  1. The room is gorgeous. I liked beds. As for me that is the best way to furnish the room for three children.

  2. Anonymous21:50

    Love the room, especially the bedding. I'm looking to finally decorate my son's room so thank you for the inspiration x