5 Ways To Get Millennials Renting Your Properties

Millennials - everyone always assumes that they are part of the younger generation, but in actual fact, anyone born from the mid 80's to early 90's would be classed as a Millennial. That includes me. And no matter what you think of us millennials as a generation, one thing is certain: a big chunk of us will be renting for the foreseeable future.  

With so many millennials renting, here are what I think are the key features that today’s 20 and 30-somethings want to see when shopping around for their next place to live. 

Extra Amenities
One of the main things that this generation watches for when property shopping is the amenities that are included in the price. Many apartment complexes offer amenities, such as laundry rooms, gyms, clubhouses, and movie screening rooms, which are free for renters to use. Or, if it's a house, then items such as appliances, showers and home technology. Millennials love them because the cost of each of these individual amenities would be much higher as a homeowner or paying themselves and landlords can get insurance, such as homelet.co.uk/tenants, to protect them in the instances from breakages.

Being Able To Check Properties Online
Nowadays, no one has time to visit and view tens of hundreds of houses only to find that they don't like the look of them once they arrive. Having an up-to-date website that shows what properties are available, and gives an idea about the property, room sizes and photos, means that us house-hunters can easily see if we'd be a fit.

WiFi and Internet Speeds
As someone who spends a lot of time online each day, living somewhere that has a decent Internet speed connection is so important to me. And if a place came with a strong WiFi connection included, then that would spur me on even more into giving the property a look at. 

Furry Friends
You wouldn't believe the amount of places that we looked at that wouldn't accept pets, in any shape or form. Now, even though we don't currently have a pet, I would never even consider renting somewhere that didn't allow pets. Millennials seem to be the ones falling in love with the idea of having a pet so making your property pet friendly could attract more millennial tenants.

Public Transportation
Millennials are probably the first generation to care less about cars and driving than their parents do. This means that they prefer places within easy walking distance of bus stops and train stations and other transportation centres. The sweet spot for me would be within a half-mile walk of a rail or bus station so has easy access to places. 


  1. How things change - never thought about 'millenials' this WAY - makes sense with the current economic climate

  2. As a landlady that rents out a house, this list was very useful to confirm that I'm on the right track! I especially like the comment about allowing pets, which I do- to date I've had an alsation and a tarantula in my rental property- with no problems!

  3. As a Millenial (in the true sense - 1981 - rather than the buzzword bandied about by the media) I am so grateful I had a loan for our house deposit from the Bank of Mum and Dad - after 10 years renting I felt sick how much money my landlords made from me!