5 Innovative Design Ideas for a Garden Haven

Do you want your garden to stand out in your neighbourhood? If so, you must aim to develop a unique exterior design that your neighbours couldn’t possibly compete with, even if they tried. Looking for some outdoor inspiration to get started? Here are five innovative design ideas for a garden haven.

1. An Outdoor Kitchen
You can guarantee few people in your area will have an outdoor kitchen in their garden, but they would certainly want to. It is the ultimate way to entertain guests during the summer months, and will provide a tranquil space to cook up delicious dishes for all the family throughout the years. Try investing in a stylish outdoor kitchen that features a grill, fridge, and even a woodfired pizza oven. You will never need to buy a store-bought pizza again!

2. Create Your Own Lake 
Create a serene, relaxing garden with your very own lake. Water-garden.co.uk provide reliable lake management tools, which can help you create your own man-made lake, which will ensure you enjoy a steady stream of water in your outdoor space. It’s the ultimate way to create an idyllic outdoor design while impressing both your neighbours and guests.

3. A Fire Pit
You don’t need to rush inside once the sun goes down. All you need to do is install a fire pit into your outdoor design. Many Brits often remain firmly inside when the sun stops shining, but a fire pit will allow you and all the family to enjoy many a relaxing night in your garden, as it can help you all remain both cosy and warm once the day turns into night. The unique feature is also effortlessly stylish, so can help you develop an innovative exterior.

4. An Outhouse
If space allows, an outhouse can be a stylish and functional addition to your garden. There are a range of modern designs that can complement your garden’s exterior, which can make you want to escape your home. You can transform the outhouse into a relaxing living area to enjoy the beauty of the garden once the rain starts to pour. Alternatively, you could create an entertainment centre for guests to enjoy during a garden party, as you can feature a bar, surround sound and TVs. Your loved ones will never want to leave!

5. A Stunning Water Feature
Give your garden the wow factor by incorporating a stunning water feature into your garden, which could perfectly complement your man-made lake. For example, an elegant water fountain will embody style and sophistication, while creating a tranquil environment that will provide a relaxing retreat from a busy household. It is the ultimate decorative accessory for your garden, and there are some inventive features to choose from to complement both the outdoor area and your taste.

Do you have an innovative garden design idea to share? Have you added any of the above options to your exterior? Share your helpful gardening tips and stories by writing a comment below.

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  1. Certainly hiven me good For thought- hoping to have a fire pit at some point - would be a dream garden