World Book Day | What Is The UK’s Favourite Bedtime Story?

The boys adore reading - we have so many books that not only is their bookshelf in their bedroom fit to burst, but there are boxes full in the toy room too. We have to alter them around each month so that they can read new books, and find old favourites again.

But bedtime books are a different thing. Each of the boys have their favourite one, and it differs to the ones that they'd usually read during the day.

To mark World Book Day 2018, which is tomorrow, Happy Beds have launched their UK’s Favourite Bedtime Stories campaign, which has more information and stats, to celebrate bedtime books, and their research found which is the ultimate bedtime book.

Happy Beds collated more than 26 online lists of ‘Best Bedtime Books’ from national newspapers, book review sites and literary bloggers and compiled a list with 399 different titles. A lot of time, and work went in to sorting through these entries, and some of the stats that came form it are astounding. 

The fact that more than half of these books feature animals just shows how much of a nation of animal lovers we are. And Julia Donaldson, with all her literary finesse, was the most-featured author, having 15 of her books in the list. 

The research found that the book that came top, the book that was favourite for the most amount of people, was the 1947 picture book, Goodnight Moon, which is written by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd and features a rabbit saying “goodnight” to everything around it. 

With it featuring more than 16 unique times during the research, this fantastical book flew into the lead, miles ahead of any other, and I can totally see why. Goodnight Moon just shows how us parents see children at bedtime - saying goodnight to every last thing, just to get those few extra minutes out of bed!

This post was created in collaboration with Happy Beds as part of their UK’s Favourite Bedtime Stories campaign.


  1. I have to confess I haven't heard of Goodnight Moon before reading this. It's interesting what hits your radar when you have kids and what doesn't

  2. I love that they have launched a list. Especially love Julia Donaldson books too

  3. Didnt think this book was that old ! Certainly is up there with paddington bear for us

  4. I've never heard of this book. We love Julia Donaldson books too. My eldest is loving reading the Dotty Detective series as it's like little diary entries.

  5. My daughter missed school world book Day this year they closed the school because of the snow

  6. My oldest son's favourite bedtime book was"Give Me My Yam" by Jan Blake. I was having a clear out recently and, although he's now in his 20s, he wouldn't let me get rid of this book as he has such lovely memories of us reading it together when he was little! I was quite touched that he wanted to hold onto it!

  7. Ahhh what a lovely blog post, books are so significant to us all, My favourite as a child was Enid Blighton

  8. Never heard of this book before. My grandson loves Dear Zoo.