Stay Healthy Even When You're Not Doing the Cooking with These Tips

Winter is a tough time to stay healthy. Wet days and chilly nights can compel us to crave hot, carb-rich food: curries, pizzas, plates of pasta, and the like. It's also easier to hide the pounds we're likely to gain during the winter months under extra layers of clothing. Then it's summer again - and suddenly everyone's on a diet!

If you're watching your weight, finding a healthy takeaway can be something of a challenge. Menus don't always come with nutritional information and it can be awkward (or impossible) to ask a delivery service for a "low-calorie" option. The great news is that there are lots of ways to enjoy a takeout and stay healthy this winter. It's just a matter of knowing what's good for you and what's not!

Let's take a look:

When it's done right, sushi is among some of the healthiest meals in the world. Seaweed is rich in iodine and other minerals, and raw fish is an excellent source of omega 3 essential fatty acids. In fact, most sushi fillings are great for a nutritional boost: carrot, pickle, tuna, egg, tofu, cucumber... the list goes on! Sushi is also deeply satisfying. Just don't overdo the white rice - or the battered version, for that matter! If you really want to go low-carb, stick to vegetable tempura or sashimi.

Yes, you can have salad during the winter! Vegetables are all the more nutritious - and filling - when they're served fresh. You'll also find that a meal high in protein and fibre will keep you fuller for longer - like a gourmet smoked chicken salad. Or join the paleo craze with a serving of kale and chickpea puffs on the side. No more midnight cravings here!

The perfect winter dish! Soup is one of the most versatile of meals, especially if you make it yourself. But sometimes it's fun to see how other cultures take on the meat-and-broth concept, especially the Vietnamese. Pho (pronounced 'fa') is a great option for the health-conscious: it's a delicious bowlful of soupy noodles together with a variety of other ingredients: chicken, beef, seafood or vegetables.

Remember your mum's good ol' beef stew on a winter's night? Nothing quite compares to a piping-hot pot of meat and vegetables. And when it's packed with vegetables and lean meat, a stew is both delicious and healthy. Add a few steamed veggies on the side and you've got low-carb, protein-rich perfection!

Of course you're allowed dessert - you wouldn't be human if you didn't have the odd sweet craving. But dessert doesn't have to mean cream puffs and cookies (save those for Christmas!). If you're the creative type, you might get a kick out of whipping up your own sugarfree treat like these date-sweetened brownies. But sometimes it's easier to have it done for you first - especially when they look as good as these date-based protein balls!

"Beautiful Picture Of Healthy Food" (CC BY 2.0) by uwlideas

There you have them, some super-tasty ideas.


  1. DELIGHTFUL need to try some date balls - i love eating them raw but generally dont cook with them

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  3. The soup looks amazing 👧

  4. Its hard to be healthy when the nights are cold and dark but I love these tips - defo going to be following these from now on!

  5. Some great suggestions, i love a slow cooked stew

  6. These tips and ideas were very helpful as it is hard to find a nice meal that everyone likes but is still healthy so this will help out the family a lot so thank you! :)

  7. Great ideas. I love stews and soups in the colder months.

  8. I love the variety posts like this! I love soup with noodles :)

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