Popular Gifts To Remember Loved Ones

If you have recently lost someone who is close to you, then chances are that you are going to want to keep their memory alive as much as you possibly can. This is why memorial gifts have become all the more popular. Whether they are gift to someone else who is dealing with the loss of a loved one, or something for you to treasure, they come in a variety of forms which means that you always have plenty of choice.

But what are the most popular choices when it comes to gifts to remember loved ones by? Here is round up of some of them.

Memorial benches 
Whilst memorial benches may not instantly spring to mind as a gift, they are popular because they give you a great place to simply sit down and remember that person. They can be placed in a variety of different locations including public spaces and even your own garden, and it creates a place that you can go to in order to think about just how special they were to you whilst they were alive.

Ashes jewellery
Another popular way to remember someone is with ashes jewellery. This particular type of jewellery uses the ashes of the person that has passed and places them in a beautifully designed piece of jewellery. This can be a necklace or a ring, whatever you fancy and there are a variety of different companies that offer this service for you to order.

Personalised jewellery
It isn’t only ashes jewellery that is popular for those who are looking for a way to remember someone special, personalised jewellery is another option. This type of jewellery is often engraved, this could be with the name or initials of the person, or you could opt for foot or hand print jewellery if it was to remember a child or a baby who has passed.

A photo album
If there are plenty of memories of the person who is no longer with you, then you can put those all together to create a photo album. Photo albums can be treasured forever and give you a chance to flick through and see the person who has passed whenever you want to. In this modern time when it seems that printed photos are a thing of the past, it is a great way to hold a memory close.

Name a star after them
We all like to think that we can look up at the sky to find that the person we have lost is looking down at us. Well, one great memorial gift takes this one step further. You can always opt to name a star after them, which not only is a great memorial, but also means that when you gaze at the night sky, you are going to feel instantly connected to them too.

When it comes to remembering someone who has passed a common approach is to light a candle in their memory. Candles are beautiful when they are in their basic form, however, you can make it even more special by personalising them. Just as you would a piece of jewellery, you can have their name or perhaps the date they died printed onto the candle and then every time you light it you will be able to remember just how special they were to you.

A keepsake memory cushion
One of the newest approaches to memorial gifts comes from keepsake memory cushions. These cushions are designed to offer some comfort when you feel that you miss the person who is no longer around. They are made from their clothes, which not only gives you a visual reminder of them as person, but they can also then be sprayed with their favourite aftershave or perfume, which will give you the chance to smell them again. Something that you should never underestimate when it comes to remembering them.

With so many great memorial gifts out there, it is easy to find something that is going to help you to remember the person who has passed. It doesn’t matter who they were to you or how long they have been gone, you can find a way to think of them and carry them with you throughout the rest of your life.

Mum, dad, grandparent, child or even a beloved pet that you have lost, these memorial gifts can bring you some comfort at a time that could otherwise be incredibly difficult to get through.


  1. BEAUTIFUL - already have Name a star and PERSONALISED jewellery keepsakes - find them of great comfort

  2. I love this. Thank you so much for writing this post it's so very helpful. As I lost my mother last year. I've wanted to get my Dad something and she was always a keen gardener so a bench would be lovely for my Dad's garden.

  3. Naming a star and benches are lovely ideas the thought of a tree or a rose bush sounds lovely too. My son in law chose his dad's ashes to be made into a pendant that he now wears round his neck x

  4. I think memories are important, when losing someone so whatever makes life of the loved one that is left easier it fabulous. I have some videos which are very precious to me.

  5. Going to purchase a keepsake memory cushion for my neice - i hope she'll love it