How Can You Incorporate Technology into Your Home?

Smart living is the use of technology to make living in your home more useful and connected. But with so much technology to choose from, it is easy to be confused. Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies takes a look at how to seamlessly incorporate technology into your home.

Technology does, in the main improve our lives. It can help us connect with our homes, saving money on energy and make the space we call home a more comfortable place to live too.

But are technological innovations for the home equal? Which ones are worth the investment?

Smart Thermostat – Save Money, Stay Warm
Heating our homes is a major consideration for most of us but with energy prices rising all the time, doing so without spending thousands of pounds each year can prove tricky.

It is true that sometimes, you need to ‘speculate to accumulate’ and this is true when it comes to smart technology for having better control over your heating. However, this doesn’t come at a huge price.

Effectively, there are two options:
· Smart thermostat with your current boiler – providing you have a relatively modern boiler, a smart thermostat can be fitted to it. This allows you to monitor and control the heat in your home using a free app downloaded to your phone or tablet.

· Upgrade the heating system and use a smart thermostat – a larger investment but yields great savings is to invest in a heating system that it, in itself, more cost-efficient. However, use wet underfloor heating with a responsive smart thermostat and you will get even better savings on your energy bills.

Smart lighting
Another source of waste is lighting, especially when lights get left on for hours on end. Wouldn’t it be great to have a system that allows you to see which lights are on and could then be switched off, all with the tap of a button and done so remotely too?

There are many apps and connectivity programs that allow you to do this such as the impressive Hue lighting range. Again, it takes a little to invest – for example, you will need Hue lightbulbs with built-in Wi-Fi in order to be able to connect to your lighting, which can be a little on the expensive side. However, you can opt for bright white, warm white or even coloured bulbs should you wish.

You can time your lights to come on at a set time or follow the sunset times. But more importantly, you can shut off lights, perfect if you are away from home and someone declares that they left such-a-such light on.

The bulbs themselves are also highly energy efficient so you could save more money than you think – and no one need know the difference either!

Smart control and monitoring apps and devices
We all know that some items left on standby will consume electricity and this can make them wasteful. But what if you could monitor all these pieces of electric equipment and gadgets to see how much energy they do consume?

Smart technology allows you to do this but, more importantly, like setting up smart lighting in the home, it allows you to control them remotely too.

Again, the tech itself is hidden away. There is no need to have all these smart technologies on show and with a reliable Wi-Fi connection, you can connect to the smart hub and gain remote access to switch off devices and so on

Specific smart gadgets
With all this smart technology around, it is no surprise that new products are coming to the market all the time. And with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, these add an extra dimension to living in your home.

There are many different products but one such piece of kit is the smart kettle, such as the AppKettle. This does more than boil water at the touch of a button – using the app, you can set a boiling schedule so that you want up to water at the perfect temperature for your morning cuppa. You can heat baby bottles in it, there is a stay warm function and you can use the Google Home or Alexa (if you have either) to ask it to boil the kettle among other things.

To top it all off, this kettle also claims to be more energy efficient than others and with safety features – it won’t switch on remotely unless it detects there is water in the kettle – it could become a popular addition to homes across the country.

Smart technology may be fun, but it is more than just a fad. Used in the right way, it allows you not only more control but to also save money too. Which pieces of smart technology have you already invested in?

Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies are all for making our homes versatile and stylish spaces that work for us. They also understand that technology works well with underfloor heating, making it an even more efficient means of heating a property.


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