Educational Toys For Pre-School Children

A couple of week ago, J turned 3 year old. This got me thinking about wanting to get him more toys that work as a dual purpose - for fun, and for educational purposes. It seems there has been a shift in this direction in recent years and now most toys for pre-school children are aimed at giving young children a fun toy to play with whilst teaching them basic subjects. 

So this post is showing off some of the educational toys that J loves, and that I think are fantastic for pre-school children...

Pretend & Play® Calculator Cash Register with Play Money | Learning Resources | £36.00
Children can make playing shops just like the real thing with this robust cash register. This cash register features a solar powered calculator so can help to teach children early maths skills and number work whilst playing shop. 

The oversized buttons and large digital display are perfect for little fingers and the cash tray compartments are the perfect size to hold real-life money. Even though the cash register has pretend money, this is based around our UK money so gives children a basic knowledge of our notes and coins from a young age.  

The cash register includes a pretend credit card and then 10 or each coin denomination and 4 of each £5, £10, £20 and £50 notes. It gives children the chance to work and play with money, and gives them that push to learning about maths, and workings out with the use of the till.  

PJ Masks Tablet | VTech | £24.99
Join Catboy, Owlette and Gekko as they go into the night to save the day! Your child's favourite heroes are here to save the day with their learning tablet, to teach children whilst getting to play with their favourite characters. Featuring the voices of the masked crusaders, it includes 6 exciting activities teaching letters, phonics, rhyming, patterns and shapes. 

It is perfect for early learning lessons as children are engaged straight away when the voices of the characters talk to them. The PJ Masks Tablet is easy to use and has 26 letter buttons and 3 character buttons which introduce your favourite PJ Masks friends. With fun animations, cool sound effects and character voices, your child will love to join this learning adventure with the PJ Masks!

Tad’s Fridge Phonics | Leapfrog | £21.99
Phonics is such an important subject for children to learn and the Tad’s Fridge Phonics introduces your child to the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make though phonics. Helping build vocabulary and exercise fine motor skills too which is so important for young children to grasp. 

You simply have to place one of the 26 musical letter tiles into the letter slot and press down for three modes of play that reinforce letter names, phonics and word skills. There are three frames which can be customised with your own photos and images, for a unique, personalised play experience making it even more fun for children too. 

Personalised Early Learning Bundle | Itsyourstory | £35.00
Learning has to be fun and relevant which is why these two beautifully illustrated books press all the right buttons for children. These two books, 'From A to Z'  and 'From 1 to 10' can be personalised wiyh your child's name and photo. You child then features on every page alongside the letter or number and a simple sentence which brings the scene to life.

The books perfectly complement each other with the same illustrative style throughout. A wonderful gift for any young child who is starting on their learning journey and you can even add a thoughtful message at the front of each book so they can be cherished for years to come. 

CAT Take-A-Part Dump Truck | Smyths | £16.99
The CAT Take-A-Part Dump Truck gives children a way to use tools whilst also helping their fine motor skills. Children can the "power drill" included to remove the screws and take off the tyres, cab, dump bed or blade and then put it all back together again and it'll be as good as new and ready to roll on the job site.

It's a great way to learn problem solving to work out how it goes back together - a puzzle and free wheeling vehicle all in one. The motorised hand drill makes it easy for children to put the screws back in, and back out again.

Bingosaurus | Carlton Books | £16.99
Bingosaurus is the next level of bingo playing! This game features 48 dinosaurs, all of which are brought to life with stunning illustrations and is perfect for teaching children about matching. You can make it as hard or easy as you like.

Fun for children as they can learn dinosaurs as they play, but it's also great for learning their matching skills and for their memory. You don't even have to play against each other - it can be a simply game of matching the dinosaurs to the ones on your sheet. Simply turn over a dinosaur card, and if your child has that one, they pop a chip on it - until it's full and... BINGO!


  1. These are sch great ideas I love the look of that pj masks tablet from vtech.

  2. Always good to see whats new - time to sort esmay out with new toys!

  3. I am for educational games. Fantastic selecion.

  4. I love that till. My kids love playing shops so that would be perfect and educational as a next step

  5. The fridge phonics looks fun

  6. Anonymous16:04

    I love the CAT Take-A-Part Dump Truck. What a fun idea.

  7. Bingosaurus would be a big hit with my grandchildren

  8. I like the CAT-Take-A-Part Dump Truck my grandson would have a lot of fun with this.