Different Ways To Boost Your Mind, Mood And Fitness

January is the blank sheet we use to plan how our lives are going to pan out over the next year and make resolutions to play out over the following year. Ever since the dawn of gyms, diets and online tutorials, people have pledged their loyalty to a new health regime or skill enhancing class at the turn of the new year — often with poor results. 

I know I gave up making resolutions as I would never stick to them and always ended up going into February feeling deflated at failing to keep up. According to Business Insider UK, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. So, how do we start a quest for self-improvement and keep it up throughout 2018?

I thought I'd write about ways that you can boost your mind, mood and fitness without pushing yourself at the gym and that don’t revolve around sensible eating.

Family Time
This year, make more time for get-togethers and days out with the family. This might sound easy, but if you cast your mind back to 2017, you're probably only able to pick out a handful of memorable moments that you've spent with your loved ones, out and about, doing something that is not only fun and educational for them, but gets you out of the house and moving. 

Make 2018 the year for creating unforgettable moments with your family!

Why is family time important? Studies show that maintaining a good family life can fend off medical problems in later life. According to the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry, single people have a higher risk of developing dementia, while New York University found that married people suffer less from cardiovascular disease than singletons.

Take Up An Active Hobby
It wouldn’t be New Year without a burning desire to lose weight and get fit. But instead of dragging yourself to the gym or pounding the pavement, why not get active with a more off-centre exercise, like snowboarding?

An average adult can burn between 250 and 630 calories every hour with snowboarding, and the exercise tests your balance and works all your major muscle groups to help you tone up quickly.

Snowboarding is fast, fun and intense – and the skills for it take time to master. However, there are indoor slopes and skiing lessons available to help you get to grips and become a pro, so this is the perfect activity if you want a challenge in 2018.

Get The Kids Involved With Your Workouts
There is nothing worse than digging out your weights and your kettlebells and then having to exercise on your own - it's just boring. I've started getting the kids hyped up with me, getting out some tins of beans from the cupboard for them to use as weights, and having a fun workout with them joining in.

Not only does it mean that I do my workout, but it's keeping the kids active, fun for them to join in with something I'm doing and gets us bonding together as we laugh at the fact that I'm useless at the Russian Swing!


  1. some great ideas, my aim is to make sure we have more quality time as a family this year

  2. Really need a boost - great ideas - time to hit the adventure playgrounds - great for all the family

  3. Here goes - really windy here but we're off out to WITTON - Blow them cobwebs off

  4. I love outdoor activities with my family.