Creating A Silver And Grey Living Room

I'm not a person to shy away from colour, and think that every room of our house should show the personalities and loves of the people in them. I love colour. I love different colours. And I love mixing colours to suit us. 

I totally not a white and magnolia fan!

So when my husband finally gave me the go ahead to start stripping the living room, I got that paper off as fast as I could and started planning what our living room would look like. I knew that I wanted a silver theme, and grey seemed to be an 'in' colour at the moment, and that's where my choice came from.

Now okay, our room isn't totally finished yet. There is the slight matter of the patio doors that don't work - well,they open, but then the door falls off - and so we've been looking at Bifold doors from Quickslide that will give us our complete room, and help to bring the outside in as we can fling them open and be at one with the elements whenever we like. 

For the room, I wanted to start out with the walls and work my way from there. I mean, once I've got that base, it's much easier to organise and design the rest of the room and accessories. The reason I had put off doing up our living room for so long, was because I just couldn't find the wallpaper that I had in my mind.

But after much searching, I found the paper of my dreams, the Henderson Interiors Chelsea Glitter Damask paper in soft grey and silver. This just called out my name as I scrolled past. I just knew that this was the perfect wallpaper for our living room. 

I then popped down to Wilko's and bought a few of their tester paint pots in similar grey colours and tried out each one against the paper. This resulted in me choosing the Wilko Pearl Grey Silk Emulsion as the one that matched closely to the wallpaper. 

It was then a case of searching high and low for accessories to complete the room. I found the most perfect curtains on Amazon which gave the room that gorgeous fabric detail, and a very fluffy rug for the floor to add a little extra colour to the baseline. We then picked out a carpet to give our living room a nice cosy feel. We toyed with the idea of laminate, but decided to stick with a carpet to keep the room warm whilst also making it easier to cleaner as I can just whizz a vacuum cleaner around whenever the kids drop crumbs!

I then finished the room off with some stunning new light fittings. The Beaded Global Pendant injects Moroccan-inspired design into our living space and is from Wilko. One for each end of the room - they just give that extra touch of luxury and look amazing against the grey background. 

Finishing with some ornaments to really make the room look lived in, I added some artificial flowers to give a hint of blue to give a floral aspect. I then got a gorgeous vintage designed clock from eBay and pictures from Etsy to make the room complete. 

I must admit, trying to design and create this room was such hard work as we use it for so many purposes. The living room, dining room and even toy room - which means that we have to spend a lot of time planning where furniture can go to give the boys space to play whilst also having places to store them. 


  1. Love classy grey - we've just refreshed our living room with grey and a great big 'pop' of purple to lift the scheme a little...

  2. Looks wonderful. Love the lovely soft colours furnitures.

  3. What a difference that makes v-so fresh and airy

  4. It looks lovely. We're planning to do up our kitchen. I would love to do it in black and silver, but me fella isn't crazy about the silver. I might show him your pics and see if it changes his mind :) XXX

  5. I love your room its so pretty where did u get ur sofa from?

  6. Your room looks really calm and relaxing!

  7. Gotta be honest - I'm totally tired out of tope and grey and dove and charcoal - peoples houses seem to have had all the vibrancy sucked out of them!

  8. Anonymous12:07

    Absolutely gorgeous x

  9. We shy away from grey painting but that really does look lovely ...Now therest an idea Thank You

  10. I love the colours, grey is supposed to be a cold colour, but your room looks warm and inviting!

  11. Looks lovely, we just decorated and went for silver glitter