Candy Grand'O Vita GVS1610TH 10KG Washing Machine Review

Having a large family means that we go through tons of loads in the washing machine each week. As soon as one if washed and dried, another if going in. So this meant when our washing machine decided to go on strike a few weeks ago, we were left wondering how we were going to wash the mountains piling up. 

That's when AO.com came to our rescue and offered us the Candy Grand'O Vita Washing Machine which meant that we could get back to washing in no time at all. What I love about AO.com, is that they have next day delivery, and you can choose to have the appliance installed and old one recycled too. This means that you don't have to go long without an appliance and can get straight to using it as soon as it's been delivered.

The Candy Grand'O Vita washing machine is perfect for large households as it has a 10KG capacity drum so can do larger loads at a time, getting through that pile of laundry in no time. The energy efficiency rating is A+++ so helps to keep energy costs low which is great! 

It has a more economical wash as the KG Detector uses sensors to weigh each load and automatically adjust the settings, so it only uses the perfect amount of time, energy and water. It also has a 3D Dynamic Wash System which combines a special drum design and increased water pressure to give every outfit a really thorough clean.

For me, I love how easy it is to use. There are so many different programmes to choose so you can always find the right fit for your load. As you go through the selections, the machines weighs your load and gives you a time that it'll take to do the wash from start to finish. 

And then you can even alter them afterwards to suit how fast you want the spin, the temperature, and even choose how soiled the items are to make sure the machine is using the right amount for water for your load.  From long and hot washers,right down to a super quick 14 minute wash, this machine has a setting for just about every eventuality. 

It has a large opening door so you can easily get everything in, and holds so much in the drum that getting through the washing load is a doddle. And the spin is so, so fast that clothes come out nearly dry so drying time is halved too. 

The Smart Touch control feature even lets you download new cycles and monitor the washing from your smartphone, making laundry days effortless. I like this idea but with having an iPhone, this control is not accessible to me at the moment as it uses NFS technology. This isn't needed though and is just a handy extra that could be used if you have an Android phone. 

All in all, I have been so impressed with the Candy Grand'O Vita GVS1610TH 10KG Washing Machine and how it has features that you'd expect on a machine double the price. The only thing I wish it would have is a way to store your own settings once you've got one you use regularly.

I also thank AO.com for their amazing customer service, speed of delivery and how they keep us customers updated with the deliveries we're receiving. 


  1. Im looking for new appliances for my kitchen refurb - looking good at first glance as i have to consider use by my 85 year old dad too - cant be too technical as then he'd have an excuse not to use !

  2. Looks great. I had new washing machine from AO top service.

  3. This is what I need, with 5 of us I'm constantly washing and drying, our 7kg was fine with 4 of us but with the baby on top I'm just forever washing xxx

  4. I am so jealous I would love a washing machine this size

  5. looks great just what we need

  6. I need this size wahing machine. My 5kg isnt bug enough for us anymore

  7. The best ones are usually the AAA rated ones which offer the highest efficiency for energy, washing and drying.top load washers