5 Reasons Why Villas Are Perfect For Family Holidays

This year,  we are looking to start travelling more as a family, and try to venture further afield to explore the World and our surroundings. To show the children the amazing sights, the beautiful cultures of other countries and give them those experiences to grow up with. 

When you have children, there is a lot to think about when it comes to travelling, and staying abroad though. And I've joined with Clickstay, who offer villas, apartments and holiday rentals worldwide, to give the 5 reasons why I think villas are perfect for family holidays. 

It's Easier For Children To Settle In
Arriving on holiday can be pretty daunting for children, and having to stay in an apartment, or hotel room, that means you're all in together can confuse young children. I find that villas give children that sense of normality whilst staying away from home. It also gives them that space to do their own thing too. And if you're staying somewhere exotic, you might want the luxury of having your own pad, and so villas in Seminyak would be a good option if you're planning a holiday in Bali.

You Get Your Own Sleeping Space
This is so important, especially when you have more than one child. We love our own space and having our own rooms means that the boys can sleep easily at night without hearing that god awful snoring coming from my husband, or waking from the fact that I need to use the bathroom 3 million times a night. 

It means that you can put your children to bed at their normal time and then actually still sit in the front room and watch television, or enjoy a tipple or two on the veranda without waking them up. Plus, us adults need to private space to do our thing too. 

You Don't Get Split Up
For us, as a family of five, a self-catering villa is the way forward. To stay in a hotel we'd need two separate rooms and would need to have one adult in each room which would be very boring for us once the children go to sleep and means the boys would be split up whenever we were in the room. A villa also means we can put the kids to bed and stay up ourselves rather than having to all go to bed at the same time. 

The Cost For Larger Families
As mentioned above, booking a hotel for us as a large family means we need two rooms, which makes everything twice the price. We've been looking at booking a villa in Spain and realised that larger families are best off booking a villa as you get more for your money. 

You get access to a full villa, usually with a pool and outdoor space, your own privacy and more indoor space to have that room to be able to fit everything, and everyone, in. You get the option of being able to stay at home in the villa and cook your own meals in a fully usable kitchen too which can save a small fortune over the course of a weeks holiday. 

You Get Your Own Pool
This is the biggest plus for me as someone who has a child that suffers with anxiety. Having your own pool means that you can enjoy the water without other people's children splashing, or that one person who always seems to be doing lengths of the kids pool. 

Being able to go outside whenever you like and sunbathe without fear that someone has run down at the crack of dawn and nicked all the sunbeds. A haven where you can constantly keep an eye on your children, and see them at all times, whilst enjoying the holiday for yourself too. 


  1. Certainly are the best type for larger families -

  2. Perfect for mixed age groups, older members of the family sometimes prefer to relax instead of sightseeing and are often happy to spend quality time with their grand-children giving younger parents the chance for some time to themselves.

  3. Anonymous07:34

    We have family in Spain so this is perfect way for us all the gather together and catch up x

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