Xtrem Bots XT30039 Trooper Bot Review

There are certain toys that we receive and my initial thought is 'this isn't going to be worth the money' and that's what I think when I see robots. And I must admit right now, that the Xtrem Bots XT30039 Trooper Bot has totally changed my mind of this.

The ultimate Xtrem Bot, the Trooper Bot is over 35cm tall and is armed and ready for combat. He has a missile launcher built into its arm so you can take aim and fire using the infrared remote control that he comes with. When the battle is complete and the Trooper Bot has won, it will perform its own robotic dance!

From his infrared remote control, you can set him to do many things. Trooper Bot can walk and slide forward, turn, move backwards, and follow up to 50 consecutive commands - including doing his very own dance and he can even moonwalk!

Although the infrared remote control looks confusing, it's actually quite easy to grasp after a little practise, so you can lead him to battle, or make him dance at the touch of a button.

The boys love that he can shoot his very own missiles from his arm - he comes complete with 5 missile darts. What's more, you can make one of two choices when it comes to shooting them. Press the aim button on the left and Trooper Bot will demo shooting the missiles, moving about as he does it. Press the right aim and you can shoot for yourself - So go aiming and fire!

The multi LED eyes have a variety of facial expressions and the Trooper Bot comes with a protective visor so he can protect himself when in battle. The infrared transmitter reaches a range of more than 5 metres which is  great for extended play.

Trooper Bot is fully rechargeable and it's so simple to do. You just use the USB charger cable which connects to the robots back. Charging doesn't take long and it is said that generally charge lasts for around 2 hours although the kids have played with him in spits and spats and he hasn't needed charging yet.

Check out my video to see just a handful of the things that Trooper Bot can do...


  1. This looks amazing, I still can't believe that kids can actually have robots now.

  2. That really does look great! I love the fact that it's rechargeable once again!

  3. Loving the sound of the rocket launcher on the arm

  4. these look awesome, my grandson has asked for one for his birthday

  5. I want one ! I might even let my nephews play with him too
    Great fun

  6. This definitely looks like fun. Love the flashing lights and the sound effects