What to Look for in a Garden Furniture Set

With the first rays of warm summer sun, we want to be out enjoying the garden. But if you are fed up of sitting on rickety chairs or eating from a wobbly plastic table, now is the time to invest in a garden furniture set. Get it right, and it will last for many summers to come. But how do you make the right choice?

On the face of it, choosing a garden furniture set shouldn’t be too much of a problem. And yet, we seem to have to keep buying chairs and tables summer after summer, wasting money on items that either don’t last the season or are not comfortable, stylish or remotely suitable for how we use them.

To stop this happening, you need this 5-point guide for what to look for in a garden furniture set.

First on the list is to decide how you will predominantly use the garden furniture. For example, do you enjoy dining alfresco with family and friends or is your intention to enjoy your garden and the warm sunshine whilst reclining on a lounger enjoying a bestselling paperback?

All too often, we are swayed by great deals on furniture sets but remember, it is only truly a bargain if it fits what you are looking for. So why buy a dining set if you want to create an informal, relaxed space on the patio but end up eating your BBQ burgers whilst hunched on a lounger?

Now you have decided on how you will use the garden set, you now need to pay attention to the material.

For longevity and robustness, there are only two options that are worthy of consideration; 
· Garden rattan furniture – rattan is a strong, robust and natural material. A fast-growing plant in tropical climbs and, once cut down, the long fronds are allowed to dry. They are then weaved into sheets and used to create all kinds of items, from baskets to sofas. Look for a rattan product with a tight weave but also, some items will have been treated so that they are even better at withstanding cold, wind, rain and sun.

· Hardwood – if rattan is not your thing and you enjoy the look and feel of wood, then opt for hardwood garden furniture. Some people worry about the environmental impact of using a slow growing wood such as teak but, with various schemes that guarantee forests are replaced etc., there are many reputable retailers and manufacturers of hardwood garden furniture items.

But, even though rattan and hardwood are two incredibly robust materials, they need to be protected and when winter rolls around once again, if you cannot move garden furniture to an indoor space, make sure it is covered well with a waterproof, protective cover.

Now you have the material sorted, you need to think about making a style statement in the garden with your chosen furniture set.

Choices in styles of garden furniture have grown in recent years and thus, you have all kinds from which to choose. For a modern look, choose low-backed rattan garden sofas with matching coffee table (complete with hidden storage feature). There are also fantastic L-shaped garden sofas that add more than a sense of luxury to the garden.

With dining sets, keep the look informal too, opting for sets that have chairs that recline, perfect for when you want to kick back and have a lazy garden picnic.

The reason why your garden furniture sets have not lasted is that they were either not built to last, or they were not built with the use you had in mind. In other words, buy cheap and you may find that the endless streams of summer garden parties, BBQs and summer evening gatherings place stress on the chairs, tables etc. that they just can’t cope with.

Just like furniture for the interior of your home, it is worthwhile investing in garden pieces that are suitable for how you intend to use them.

And finally, we meet the thorny issue of budget head-on. On one hand, buying cheap isn’t always best but buying at the top end of your budget doesn’t always guarantee success, either. Invest in good quality garden furniture sets for the best response, longevity and robustness. But be wary of buying too cheap.

Garden furniture is essential for the continued enjoyment of your garden. What type of furniture attracts you?

Rattan Direct help customers on a daily basis to invest in conservatory and garden rattan furniture that is simply perfect for their home and garden. Why not connect with them on Twitter @RattanDirectLtd?


  1. Havent had any for a few years - hopefully THE funds are available this summer -thanks for the tips

  2. I would love a set as you displayed! My concern is storing when the bad weather sets in as we dont have the outside garden storage for that.

    I presume they to specialized covering. That would be our only way forward great article and thank you

  3. This was very helpful as I was looking for a few bits! Thanks a lot! :)

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