What Are Your Family Holiday Traditions?

Going away together as a family is something that we all look forward to and, no doubt, you all have your own unique traditions that you uphold. Whether it is where you go for breakfast, events that you attend or activities that you all do together, most of us have one or two holiday customs that we keep without fail.

Where you decide to go away may well be your tradition, especially if you have family members that you visit. Whatever it is, it just doesn’t quite feel right until you keep family tradition. So, what are your traditions? Do you have a tradition? Or perhaps you have a tradition without even realising it’s a tradition.

Take Back a Shell/Stone from the Beach 
Trips to the seaside have long been a staple of the family getaway and, in the United Kingdom, we love to take advantage of the first sign of sunshine. As well as eating a tray of chips by the beach, dipping our toes in the sea and, without fail, coming away with varying degrees of sunburn, we simply cannot go home without a shell or stone.

Some amongst us have a collection of shells and/or stones that they acquire from various beaches, expanding it on a yearly basis. Just make sure that any shells you come away with aren’t still in use by any sea life!

Hotel Souvenirs
Who hasn’t helped themselves to small luxuries when they check out from a hotel? After all, the cleaners will only throw away any wasted shampoo and conditioner, so why not help yourself? 

Coming away with toiletries is one of the small benefits of staying at a hotel; just don’t feel that you can take away anything more than the disposable goods.

Create a Travel Playlist 
To prepare for a long drive, you definitely need a playlist for the journey. Usually, it is the same person that takes on DJ duties time after time – a tradition, if you will. Hopefully, your in-car DJ has a good taste in music and is open to requests, as opposed to filling a playlist of four hours of their own questionable music.

Do you tie in your family holiday with an annual event? If so, you are certainly not alone with many families organising their getaway around attending events that are close their hearts. Sporty families may book their breaks in conjunction with tournaments, while other families may coincide their break with national holidays.

When you have to get up and hit the road early, who doesn’t love to stop in and pick up breakfast to go? Whether your choice of meal to start the day comes to you courtesy of Ronald McDonald, a baker called Greg or any other local cafĂ© or restaurant; this is certainly one of our favourite holiday traditions.

For instance, we simply cannot ever imagine hitting the motorway without a bacon roll and a cup of coffee in the system. You have to do it right.

Making Your Own Traditions
If by some chance you have reached the end of this blog post and can honestly say that you don’t have any traditions, then it is about time that you began one. Give yourself something to look forward to every year as a family and, over time, you will soon start to treasure the memories that you make even more.

So whether your tradition is helping yourself to miniature bottles of shampoo, controlling the tunes in the car or simply your choice of breakfast, make sure to embrace it.


  1. Guess its time to make some traditions ! Love going away but apart from packing everything but the kitchen sink we dont have any special things !

  2. Depends on where we going. When we go to Kef every year my husband and I have traditions there of where we eat and our beach spot

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