Three Tips for Moving House With a Young Family

Moving can be an exciting time for a family. It can mean moving to a bigger home, moving to a nicer area, and it can mean having a much-needed fresh start. Convincing your young children that the move is a good idea, however, can be problematic if you don’t do it right. This is because children thrive on routine. Moving to a new house unbalances that routine, especially long distance movers which could mean more than a new bedroom, it means a new life, and they have no idea what to expect.

That is why, to have a happy, successful move, you should follow these three tips:

1. Tell Them
One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to not tell your children that they are moving until it is moving day. That kind of shock will cause a deep sense of distrust. It doesn’t matter if your child is young. What you should do instead is tell them, and get them involved and excited for the move. Make it seem like the positive experience that it is. Let them pick out their bedroom, the wall colour, and so much more. Get them excited about the new house, and build up their expectations of it. Try to avoid telling them too early in the process of buying your new home, as children’s ability to understand timescales is limited and you will be constantly asked when you are moving!

2. Show Them the Neighbourhood
Another way you can build up their expectations of a new home is to introduce them to their new neighbourhood. Let them play in the nearby park. Show them the school that they will go to. Look up what activities and sports teams there are nearby. Show your children that they have an exciting life ahead of them, and be sure to emphasise the new friends that they will be making, and that they can still stay in touch with the friends that they are leaving behind. Settle in the right way, and your child will love their new home.

3. Tips for the Transition Period
Unless you are lucky enough to be able to move from one house to the next seamlessly, you’ll have a transition period. When this happens, you’ll need to use a Morespace Storage Facility, an expert self-storage facility. That way you can ensure your belongings are safe and ready to go when your new home is finally ready to be yours.

Transition periods, however, can be hard on children, even if you do it for them. For instance, it is advised that you wait until the start of a new school year or over a break period to move. To stay in the area for your child’s school, you might have to rent a place out or stay with your parents. That way, even though they aren’t in a familiar place, their lives are still routine. Be selective about what you keep out of storage; favourite toys and their bed regular bed linen are ways of providing continuity with the familiar in what can be an unsettling period.

Using these tips will ensure that, by the time you finally move in to your new home, your children will be excited for their new adventures. Try to keep them in the decision-making process, and try to keep their lives as smooth as possible, and you’ll find that moving house with young children can be a fun experience.


  1. Great tips, we moved home in September, my 5 year old daughter took it the hardest, it's only 15 minutes from our old house so we have kept her in the same school, but she still says she wants to go back to our old house xxx

  2. The best way I found when mine were young was to get my mom to have them and bring them down when we were straighter later in the day on moving day. They were involved in the move, seeing the houses, packing up but on the day if there was no school they went to mom,s. That'd impossible for everyone but is a major help if you can get a sitter for a few hours