This Years Home Design Trends

Starting a new Year is the time in which many people look for change. Whether it be starting a new fitness routine or eating better with a New Years Resolution, January is the month to switch things up and it shouldn’t stop at home.

In fact, over the next month or so, our home will be getting completed gutted and revamped into new styles. Oldrids & Downtown, retailer of bedroom furniture, have predicted just what the trends look like for home design in 2018.

With green being a popular colour in 2017, representing refreshment and revitalisation, which a lot of people could relate to during that time, and the rustic and industrial looks being so loved by many, it seems that metallics will be taking over into 2018 and gold and brass both make a come back into fashion. 

Less is more with this up and coming trend – Golden legs of a table accompanied with a white top will be the talking point of all the dinners you host, for instance. Going for a minimalist look with a pop of gold to finish off.  

Following the return of the colour gold, it is certain that the 70s will be an influential decade for the upcoming year too– so expect a return of wooden furniture, long motel-like mirrors and bold dark colours. 

White kitchens will be a thing of the past as touches of colour will make a play More and more homeowners will find themselves mixing and matching with materials and colours to give their kitchens a bit more character. 

It's safe to say that 2018 looks like it's going to be the year of change if these trends are anything to go by. It's never too late to be a trendsetter!


  1. Love the colour green I am going to paint my hallway a pale green soon

  2. I love the copper trend thats in at the moment

  3. Not sure I'm going to following this years predicted trends, I do like the rustic and industrial trends from last year though!

  4. Thought i had my dream kitchen worked out - might revise slightly now - always room for improvement