My Dream Family Holiday In Australia

Australia is one of the most remote countries in the world and, ironically, one of the most popular places to visit, and for the British to emigrate to too. It's always been one of those places that I've dreamt of visiting but have always felt like it will never happen. 

The flights have always been long, with stop overs in other countries along the way, and when you only have a few weeks of travel, wasting a few days flying probably doesn’t make sense to a lot of travellers. But nowadays, things have changed and you can travel to Australia with no stop overs, just a direct 17 hour flight to Perth. 

And so, I thought I'd write about the reasons why we'll be braving that long venture across the skies to Australia:

Family Comes First
This is one I never thought I'd say. I mean, none of my family have ever even contemplated moving to the other side of the World. My husband's has though. He has a lot of family over in Australia that is only getting bigger as the years pass.

We'd love to go over there for primarily this reason. For them to meet our children that they've only ever seen on Skype. For our family to meet theirs. To finally get to see all these people that my husband speaks to online but hasn't seen in the flesh for over 15 years. 

Beautiful Beaches
With over 50,000km of coastline, there’s no way this country could exist without beautiful beaches. The deserted beaches on Australia’s western coastline is why I'd absolutely love to travel to Western Australia, with its large expanses of outback and white sand beaches that stretch for miles without a soul in sight. 

Watching the World go by whilst dipping your toes into warm ocean. Teaching the kids how to surf and visiting on of the most famous reef systems in the World, The Great Barrier Reef. Getting to explore the sea and seeing turtles, sharks, vibrant coral, and beautiful fish.

Need I say more?... Known for the famed Sydney Opera House and harbour, Sydney also boasts an incredible bridge, great parks, delicious food, lots of free stuff to do for kids during the stay. Sydney’s a beautiful place to relax in the sun and enjoy the water. And also a place where you can do so much at the same time. 

The Sights
Australia has some truly amazing places to visit, but one I would love to explore with the kids, is Uluru. Whilst being respectful to the residents and their culture, I would love to show the boys the gorgeous colours it glows as the sun sets on its amazing landscape. The vastness of this giant rock that looks like a wave of sand climbing over the desert.

And the jungles. Australia might be known for its amazing beaches and cities, but it is also the most tropical place too. It has one of the oldest continuous tropical rainforests in the world. 

To find out more information about tackling Australia, check out this infographic with tips for visiting Australia from the UK...


Brits Abroad: Tips For Visiting Australia from the UK courtesy of Flight Centre


  1. This sounds like an incredible trip. I have never been to Australia but always wanted to go.

  2. One day I'll visit too
    So many of my cousins have made their life there now - would be AMAZING

  3. it is my dream too

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