Escape To Enchantment With Only & Eve Scented Candles & Diffusers

Only & Eve, Only & Eve Candle, Only & Eve Diffuser,

When I light a scented candle, I want the scent to take me off into the unknown. To make me feel as though I am somewhere else. Somewhere enchanting. Somewhere mystical. Somewhere that I can be with myself, reading a book or relaxing in the bath - glass in hand - and just be with myself. 

I want the scent to take me away from the day to day grind. From the worries of daily life. From the smell of the laundry piling up. I just want a scent that I can take me away. When I choose a candle, I always go for a scent that feels personal to me. 

I check the ingredients for ones I know will suit me. Pine for the far away forests, pink papaya and coconut for the escape away. As the scent travels through my home, I imagine myself on that white sandy beach, watching the crystal clear water touch my toes. A gentle breeze tussling the trees behind me as the sunset slowly creeps over.

Only & Eve, Only & Eve Candle,

And as tempting as it is want to light my new candle immediately, to see the gentle flickering flame and sense the fragrance that I've been waiting for, I like to make sure I set the scene to be able to give myself the full attention I need. 

Only & Eve luxury scented candles and diffusers are crafted in a range of fragrances that create the perfect ambience. From the moment I opened the gold foil embossed boxes, I knew that so much care and attention had been put into lovingly hand pouring and crafting them. 

They offer 6 choices of fragrance, each one sounds as mystical and as gorgeous as the next. Acadian Forest was my candle of choice - Invoking a sense of nature and delivering a fabulously sharp aroma of wood accompanied by a subtle spice fragrance.

Only & Eve, Only & Eve Candle,

With scents of pine, pink pepper, patchouli, thyme and amber it reminds me of walking through a mystical forest of pine trees in a faraway land. The soft but spicy aromas blend together to make the ultimate walk through the woods. 

Designed to ensure the highest quality burning and release of fragrance, each scented candle is 200g in size and give approximately 40 hours of burn-time. And this strong but subtle fragrance fills the air an makes the whole room beautiful in scent. 

Diffusers are different to a candle as their scent will be present all the time. The East Cay Escape diffuser transports my bedroom to a bay somewhere tropical on faraway shores. The fruity aroma of pink papaya fills the air with a breath of fresh melon in accompany. The scents of mandarin, cassis and coconut ripple through the air like waves of the sea and leave my room in paradise. 

Only & Eve, Only & Eve Diffuser,

My Only & Eve luxury scented diffuser is distinctively adorned with a gold cap on glass, complete with natural rattan reeds and they provide up to a remarkable 12 weeks of life and transform the atmosphere of a room. They release scent to lift any room, disguise odours and often become a conversation point because of their ever-present fragrance.

The scent of East Cay Escape surrounds my home and lifts the atmosphere. I must admit that the strong scent from this beautiful diffuser means I only needed to use half of the reeds to get the scent to flow throughout my bedroom.

With our ever busy lifestyles, it's good to get home and just relax in a home that smells divine. Verbena Spa is next on my list to give the living room an inviting scent!


  1. I've not heard of this brand before but we love diffusers, so I am always happy to find new ones. Mich x

  2. These are lush - i was lucky to receive some for my birthday
    They are certaintly a favourite

  3. Our eldest and DiL bought us a diffuser for Christmas. We are very much enjoying the experimenting

  4. I love candles not heard of this brand before but definitely like the sound of their candles.

  5. oh ive not heard of these before but I am a huge candle freak and have them lit all the time so adding this to my wishlist!!

  6. I have not heard of this brand before so I will be sure to give them a go as I adore candles! :)

  7. I love candles and trying different ones. Will give them a go.

  8. I think reed diffusers are a great way to keep rooms fresh.

  9. I love candles and diffusers

  10. Meryl Thomas08:59

    Love scented candles in the house


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