Doing 10,000 Steps for the Teenage Cancer Trust

In December, the Teenage Cancer Trust asked me to be a part of their new campaign to help promote what they do and help in raising funds at the same time. The Teenage Cancer Trust are here to ensure no young person faces cancer alone – and they need our support to achieve this with raising those all important funds and working to share these campaigns to get the message out there!

Did you know that around seven young people aged between 13 and 24 are diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK. They need expert treatment and support from the moment they hear the word ‘cancer.’ The Teenage Caner Trust the only charity dedicated to making this happen.

So, to help them and promote the amazing things they do, I took part in their party hard, train harder campaign which was all about being able to 'party hard' and binge on Christmas food in December with no guilt at all as we'd be working it off in the New Year by trying to achieve 10,000 steps a day throughout the month. 

My initial post was all about binge eating those Christmas foods - mince pies, Christmas dinner, chocolates and even the odd tipple - and so, now we've hit January, my steps have started and my trusty TomTom Touch is helping me keep track of those all important steps.

Lunchtime steps check in - over half way there!
I've tried to focus on myself a bit more here. I mean, I probably do a lot of steps a day as it is with running after 3 children all day every day, so this was my time to do it a bit differently. I started tracking my steps at the gym and walking a lot more rather then using public transport. 

As well as walking a lot more, I have dug out my trusty blender and started making fruity drinks to keep me going all day without snacking. It means that in being a part of this campaign, I am not only raising awareness for an amazing Charity and what they do, but I am also using this opportunity to look after myself more too.  

The Teenage Cancer Trust are dedicated to providing specialist care and support when they need it most. Building world-class specialist facilities in 28 hospitals across the UK, providing a home away from home for young people while they receive treatment. As well as funding specialist nurses and youth support co-ordinators to support the young people in these units.

You can help them by joining in with their campaigns, raising awareness for what they do, and you can donate here!


  1. Oh wow and well done! Cancer is an horrific disease. In children and teens it is more so when they have there whole life ahead of them. Good on you for raising awareness

  2. This is for a very good cause-well done! :)

  3. A subject very close to my heart
    So worthwhile

  4. Well done you I need to up my walking. Even better that you've done it for charity.

  5. Anonymous08:49

    This is very kind. Hope you made a big difference.

  6. such a good cause! well done you!

  7. Amazing! Well done! I dread to think how many steps I do a day, its probably nowhere near enough!