Customer Service - How To Get It Right!

As someone who spends a lot of time, and money, buying products (mostly stuff for the kids), I know just how important good customer service can be and how it affects where I spend my money. Bad customer service seriously puts me off ever wanting to spend money with a brand again and those who send you round in circles on the phone, constantly putting you on hold - no thanks!

Businesses that are doing it right, I personally think are the ones who put all the information you might ever need, in easy reach of you. I mean, you don't want to be trying to find out how to contact your oven supplier and getting no where on their website.

Clear information is paramount for me and if I go on a website where I can't find their information, I click off. CCSN can be used to find almost any contact details if you are struggling to find a customer service number for a Government agency or a major business in the UK

So, how do you get it right?

Be clear and contactable- Make sure systems are easily accessible so that you can find and sort customers orders straight away. Be able to flick through different departments so that you can see any info you might need to deal with customers.

What is the point having a Twitter page when the people running it can't access people's accounts. One company that do customer service on social media well in my opinion is npower. Many times I have sent them a DM with regards to my account and in no time they have looked into my account, sorted my problem and then go above and beyond, telling me of deals and any better plan that I might be suited to. 

Deal with customers swiftly - There's nothing worse than having a problem and the companies email department telling you it'll take 7 days for a reply. Work faster. Have a live chat. Make sure that customers are satisfied with what you're offering. Don't pass people from pillar to post. 

I found that Amazon were amazing when I needed to contact them about a broken Fire Tablet. After speaking to them on live chat, not only did they organise a free postage label for me to send it back to them, but they also sent me a replacement before I'd even sent the broken tablet back so that we weren't without one too long. 

Tell customers what you can offer - Make sure you give customers your very best deal. If can offer a discount, then do. Customers much appreciate when a company is upfront with them. 

My best dealings most recently has been with Gap. I was shopping online in their amazing Boxing Day sale and spent more than what I had in my bank. A quick chat with their live chat and the lovely customer service agent offered me 15% off their website so I saved enough to order the bits we wanted. Not only was this such a lovely gesture from them but it cemented a new shop that I will be using again. 

What do you think? Ho do you value good customer service. CCSN have created an infographic all about what us customers think makes exceptional customer service...


  1. That's a great post! Poor communication is definitely the most annoying and frustrating and stops me going back.
    Also, I complained to Asda once about finding some plastic packaging inside one of their fishcakes and they only refunded me the cost. We go to Morrisons now...

  2. Customer service does tend to vary enormously. I agree though that Amazon are really fast and efficient at dealing with complaints.
    The worst customer services I have dealt with personally have been KFC and Burger King, they really don't care at all whatever the problem is. They really need lessons in how to treat their customers.

  3. I'm about to finish a Level 2 course in the Principles of Customer Service, but I do think quite a lot of it is commonsense. If people think about what they need from a business, that's what they need to offer, but in today's world, customer service is getting worse and worse and there seems to be a really 'jobs worth' attitude.

  4. It costs nothing to be courteous and pleasant even if the person isn't listening to what you are saying
    Hung up many times and put it in writing - that way i dont have to deal with Rude /aggressive sales people who actually YAWN ! whilst im speaking to them !

  5. Great tips have bookmarked :-)

  6. I absolutely agree with you, if I can't find contact details, terms and conditions or have a bad experience I won't use the company, like you I buy lots of things for my children and find it easier to do online xxx