A Year In Review: 2017

Having 3 children means that we're constantly busy and each year seems to fly by as if it hasn't even existed. I love looking back at my Instagram feed and remembering all the fab things we have done. The Best Nine shows me that these 9 photos were my most popular of the year and I'm hoping that 2018 will be even better - so much so that even the Best Nine will struggle to decide which photos are best! 

Our year started out with J taking his first steps of independence, taking to pre-school like a duck to water. It was amazing to see him flourish so much but I was sad at the same time as it finally cemented to me that we no longer had a baby in our house. It did mean that I could put aside more time for my blog though which gave me more time to get organised (and still procrastinate about doing anything!).

With regards to the blog, we worked with some amazing brands and had some fabulous opportunities come our way which we are all very thankful for. Being a part of the Nutmeg Google hangout was a great thing for me to do and the boys enjoyed modelling their clothes for the photos. And boy do these lads like posing, just check out our WTBW section which is all about 'What The Boys Wore'. 

The boys had a lovely time learning all about, and making, chocolate at the Hotel Chocolat School of Chocolate and have been amazed at all the reviews that they have been able to help out with along the way this year. 

As you can tell by over half of the photos, we love the beach. We'd live there if we could and spend as much time at the coast as we can - regularly going to our favourite Yorkshire coastal seaside, Scarborough. We even planned a surprise trip there for C's 6th birthday as that was all he wanted (well, that and a Frankie & Benny's ha!)

For me, I have taken on a whole new challenge this year. Taking myself to task about my post-baby body and dealing with all my hang-ups about my body that make me so self-conscious. I took it upon myself to change the way I think about myself and have started the gym, as well as eating a lot better to help my body confidence which started a whole new chapter on my blog. 

What's planned this year?...
Well, 2018 I'm hoping will be as good, if not better, than 2017. I'm always looking to build my blog and help the children in achieving what they want to do. C has got a referral to ENT coming up which will hopefully help us get a little closer to working out how to help with his speech problems.

But for me though, I just want the confidence to be comfortable wearing a bikini when we go to Spain in 4 month. I'm not quite there yet, but building confidence takes time, and fingers crossed we get there in the end...


  1. Sounds like an amazing year u have all had

  2. Ohh a bikini aim, well done. You seem to have made so much progress this year and seem comfortable in your own skin now. Mich X

  3. Well, I hope you achieve your goals and feel comfortable and confident in everything you do! Happy new year! :)

  4. What a great year you've had! My wife keeps herself trim by literally not sitting down all day from 7.30am to 6pm. She's always doing something or cleaning something or making something. Her latest project is restoring 4 dining chairs which we have stripped right down to nothing at the moment! Including removing the old seat springs!

  5. great pics and memories to look back on

  6. Lovely! Happy new year - wishing you an even better 2018!

  7. Karla Gold12:12

    Love this ! Happy new year