15 October 2018

How Your Nightly Rituals Can Help You De-Stress

By now, most people understand the importance of a morning ritual to get your day on track, but most people don't realise that your day can start a whole lot better, it you end the day before stress free. There are many things in life that cause stress - work, kids, life in general, but it's important to end each day calm so that you can wake the following day with no worries to contend with and enough sleep to be getting on with the day. 

The bathroom seems to be the one place in the house where we can enjoy that little bit of time to ourselves in the bath (if I lock the door to stop the kids from gatecrashing), and so the guys over at Sanctuary Bathrooms sent me a special box of treats to make sure I could enjoy some 'me time', away from the world.

13 October 2018

Holiday Packing List: Dress to Impress on Your Next Trip

Your holiday packing list is essential to a smooth sailing holiday!

Your flights are booked, your itinerary is sorted – now all that’s left to do is pack! While we tend to fall into two different camps: those who meticulously plan for weeks, piling up clothes as they go, and those who wait until the night before, throw everything in and hope for the best, packing doesn’t have to be a chore. If the latter sounds like you, then you’re in luck! We’ve teamed up with leading Manchester alterations specialist Alterations Boutique to create the ultimate holiday packing list. So, let’s get started!

12 October 2018

5 Ways to Save Money When Running a Household

When it comes to running a household, especially when you have a family, costs can quickly add up.

From multiple bills to entertainment subscriptions, rising food prices to family activities, it can be hard to keep your head above water when you’re running a household. Add in the fact that winter is growing increasingly close, which means higher heating bills, and this time of year sees most of us burying our heads in the sand and praying for those warmer months.

Beard Care: Balancing Your Appearance & Parenting

Here’s one for the dads! Caring for yourself properly whilst also being a parent can be tricky. How do you fit beard care into your daily routine?

As a mum of three, I know how busy parent life can be. It’s difficult finding time for yourself when every waking moment is spent taking care of those around you. Without Dad in the picture, I’d be rushed off my feet! However, it’s essential to make time for yourself, and those hardworking dads deserve a bit of TLC too. Beard care can quickly become disregarded, with some men quickly shaving the whole thing off whenever they get a minute away from looking after the kids. However, it’s so important to have a good skincare routine and, for men, a good beard care routine too!

11 October 2018

The Different Types Of Swimsuits For Women

Finding the right clothing when you're not body confident is hard enough, but trying to find the right swimwear is near on impossible and can leave most women wanting to cover up instead of showing off their beautiful bodies. As someone who isn't body confident at all, I know just how hard it is to find swimwear that will be protective, stylish and still cover all those lumpy and bumpy parts that some of us don't want to show off though. 

I wrote about how I hate my post-baby body and how it's left me with scars and stretchmarks, not to mention that mum-tum that we all dread. I think it's important to wear what makes you feel comfortable and so, here are a couple of my favourite swimwear types...

10 October 2018

Setting The Right Temperature For Your Home

Having a home that is the right temperature for the time of year is paramount to make yourself and your family comfortable. You don't want to be too hot in summer or piling on the jumpers in winter so it's best to find a suitable heat so you don't have to faff around in the long run. 

The ideal room temperature is usually around 18°C but I think most people do prefer it a little warmer than this, especially in winter. And then your main room is usually warmer than the rest. I mean, you don't really need to heat up your kitchen when it'll be getting warmth from the oven whilst cooking. 

9 October 2018

Three tips to help you cook the perfect bistro steak frites

Whether it reminds you of holidaying around Belgium or Paris or you want to try to make your favourite steakhouse dish at home, cooking up the perfect steak frites is easy – when you know how to do it. It’s one of my go-to recipes for a quick but timeless dish and it’s one that both kids and adults love. Once you’ve done the prep, the entire meal takes no time to cook up, so you can enjoy your evening. Another reason I love it is that there’s very little washing up to do afterwards!

5 October 2018

Going Abroad As A Family Doesn't Have To Be Expensive - How Our Family Of 5 Spent 10 Nights In Spain For Less Than A Grand

I always see the quote 'you get what you pay for' banded around when it comes to booking holidays, and this is so true. Now, if you're wanting a 5* all inclusive, luxury holiday, then this post isn't for you. But if you're wanting to know how you can get abroad on only a shoestring budget, then keep reading...

Now, I'm starting this post on the assumption that Passports are already bought and paid for, as no one should be booking holidays without them. But other than that, the flights, transfers and the apartments we stayed in, cost us no more than a grand for 10 nights in April/May.

27 September 2018

4 Money-Saving Car Maintenance Tips

Every daily driver knows that keeping your vehicle in good running condition is an important part of ownership. I mean, significant repairs can cost a small fortune depending on the make and model of your vehicle and maintenance and repairs can rise in cost too.

A vehicle’s safety depends on several factors, including its make, model, year and size and then newer cars come equipped with advanced safety features like more airbags, electronic stability and crash avoidance technology. But it's not always the technical stuff that can go awry. So here are my 4 money-saving car maintenance tips...

26 September 2018

Three Quick And Easy Tips For A Tidier Bedroom

Whilst a tidy home is something we all strive for, a lack of space and too much clutter can often be blockers to achieving this common goal.

House extensions, room conversions and moving home are often extremely effective ways of maximising and increasing your available space. One thing these solutions aren’t however, is cheap or affordable. Is it really necessary to move house or invest thousands of pounds to renovate or extend your home in order to increase your storage space? Not everyone has the spare capital to simply up sticks and move home, and lot of people simply don’t feel the desire to.

25 September 2018

Fair Trade Coffee - From Bean to Cup

Us Brits have always been known as the tea drinkers, the country who loves a brew of extra strong, extra milky, builders tea. But I think that's changing. We all love a mug of coffee nowadays. I go through a lot of cups a day, and even have a favourite mug to have my coffee in - it just tastes better in that one. 

In fact, in recent figures by the British Coffee Association (BSA) our coffee consumption has increased from 70 millions cups a day in 2008 to 95 million cups a day in 2018. And obviously those coffee beans that give us the morning pick-me-up don't grow in the UK, and if you’re a fan of drinking fair trade coffee, that journey is all the more wonderful and varied. 

24 September 2018

Dealing With Male Hair Loss Gracefully

Let’s face it, none of us want to age but it is inevitable and with that in mind, one of man's biggest fears comes flooding forward - or it does for my husband anyway - hair loss. A lot of men decide to bald in a graceful way, but if you're a man who has always had a head full of hair, and now it's thinning and you're starting to notice, it can knock the confidence a little. 

All men will progressively lose hair as they grow older, but for some it’s far more noticeable than others. So, with that in mind, and knowing just how hard it has been for my husband to deal with, here are 5 ways of dealing with hair loss gracefully...

Using An Interior Designer To Create a Bespoke Room

So, you have stripped your office bare, you have your colourway in mind and know what type of theme you want. Now what do you do?

Sometimes, designing a whole room from scratch on your own can be daunting, and hard to do. Choosing the right decor to match the accessories without making it look too much. Being design led whilst still family friendly. Sometimes, it's best to get the professionals in, and consider hiring an interior designer to make the room perfect. 

23 September 2018

How To Use Pillows To Create A Focal Point In Your Bedroom

Every room needs a focal point - that’s a basic design principle to give your eye somewhere to land. A focal point draws you into a room and shows off its style. If you’ve got an empty canvas to start from then it's easier, but how do you create a focal point in your space, especially in the bedroom? Here are my tips...

Use Cushions and Pillows
This is the easiest way to create a focal point without having to change up the whole room. New fabrics, from cushions and bedding to the curtains. I find that if you go plain with your room design, you can then throw in some beautifully designed pillows to give your room that focal point without spending a fortune. 

19 September 2018

4 Ways To Create A Focal Point In Your Garden

For many people, a garden is simply an outside space that is purely practical, giving little thought to its flow and the aesthetics. However, the garden can be just as functional as indoor spaces, with added beautiful design features that you can't have inside. The easiest way to make your garden look wonderful is to introduce focal points into the design that can also be practical at the same time.

A focal point is an area that is designed to immediately draw attention to a specific space so doing this in the garden can make your garden really flow. There are many ways of achieving this in an outside space, so I thought I'd write about 4 ways to create a stunning focal point in your garden.

18 September 2018

Inexpensive Bathroom Redesign Ideas

With our recent home renovation projects this year, we have ended up with 2 bathrooms to remodel, fit-out and decorate, all on a shoestring budget. Our focus was initially the main family bathroom, which the bulk of our budget will go on, but both will need doing and we've been designing them both similar to keep in sync with the rest of our home decor.

Now we've eventually bought everything for our remodel, here are a few inexpensive ideas for remodelling your bathroom...

17 September 2018

Great Ways to Save Money When Gardening

Spending time in the garden is beneficial for both your health and your mind, but it can often be a pastime that becomes expensive and therefore avoided. Gardening does not need to be expensive, especially when you’re perusing a hobby or maintaining your garden in general. There are so many ways in which you can be savvy with your spending when it comes to gardening, just knowing what you can save on and how you can avoid spending too much is always a huge bonus!

3 Hacks For Keeping Your Home Clean

Your home is your sanctuary, and as such, you deserve to enjoy a clean and tidy space, where you can relax and unwind after a long day. However, how do you ensure your home is kept spotlessly clean, especially if you have children? There are a variety of hacks which can help you on your quest to a clean and tidy home, and below are three to make a note of today.

16 September 2018

4 Cheap And Effective Ways To Keep Your Home Safe

The best ways to keep your home protected from intruders would of course to fit high quality locks on windows and doors, and a state of the art alarm system and cameras to stop anyone from being able to get access. Not all of us can afford all this though and it comes with a hefty price tag. 

But you don't need to invest in an expensive deterrents to keep out burglars. Sometimes a couple easy steps are all you need to secure your home and stop burglars from thinking you're an easy target in the first place.

15 September 2018

How to Create a Traditional Themed Home

Have you heard your friends talking about having a traditionally styled home and thought you like the sound of it? Do you know what traditional truly means, however?

It means any number of different things, depending on who you’re talking to about it. Traditional is a recognised style in the interior design world, and there is an agreed number of features. Before you start looking for ways to redecorate your home or make any home improvements, here are some tips to help you decide whether traditional is the style for you, or you’d rather stay with something more modern.

14 September 2018

What To Do When Chickenpox Hits Your Home

Every household with children gets it eventually - the dreaded chickenpox. Chickenpox is one of those illnesses that people don't seem to worry about so much, some even going as far as purposely exposing their children to others who have it, to get it out of the way. For me, I personally wouldn't intentionally infect my child with chicken pox and cause that discomfort. 

Okay, it is most common in young children and is usually mild, but can be very uncomfortable for your child, even more so when adolescents and adults get it as it can make them very sick. So, I do get why some parents would prefer to get it out of the way when children are young. 

Extreme Adventure Sports In The UK For Fearless Families

Sometimes it's easy to get tired of the same old family routine. Doing every sports, and visiting the same places can get a little mundane. We've been looking for something different to do with our family - something that will get us all active and enjoying quality time together.

We've considered getting our family involved with an extreme sport for a while but most of these hobbies are done abroad, places with different climates and have an expense to get to them. But these days it's easier to find extreme sports here in the UK, and so we've been looking into which are best for us and have found a few options as well as a few fun things to do in Manchester, which is great as it isn't far away from us.

3 Ways We're Fixing Up Our House To Add Value

When planning updates to your home, it is always worth considering how that work will add value to the property in the long run. Okay, we're not planning on selling our home anytime soon, but this is essential if you are planning to work your way up the property ladder, as it will ensure the best return when you come to sell and move on to pastures new.

It’s not just cosmetic enhancements that can add value, basic structural repairs can make a big difference too. This year we're focusing on 3 parts of our home, fixing and redoing aspects to not only give us a better home to live in, but will add value if we ever did come to sell in the future. 

Ways To Help Make Moving Home Stress-Free

Moving home is stressful, there's no doubt about that. Getting everything packed, and then unpacked, all whilst looking after the family and making sure not to disrupt the kids as much as possible. There are a few ways you can reduce the amount of stress caused by moving home though, so I thought I'd write about ways to help make moving home stress-free. 

Get Rid Of Things You Don't Need
Your old house is full of stuff and no doubt some of this hasn't been used in a good while. Instead of upping and taking all of this with you, it's best to get rid before the move. Pull everything out and separate it into where it can go. Some things can be sold to help pay for the move and decorating the new home, whereas others can go to the charity shop so they're not wasted, or in the bin for things that are no longer in use. 

13 September 2018

Why Do We Get Wildfires In The UK?

Starting on 24 June this year, and continuing throughout summer, a record-breaking series of wildfires burned across the United Kingdom. The two fire which were the largest, which were both declared major incidents, burned over 7 square miles each and broke out on Saddleworth Moor in Greater Manchester and Winter Hill in Lancashire.

Most of the wildfires occurred during the first official heatwave in the UK, with temperatures reaching over 30°C for several days, making the hottest June in the country since 1995. Weather is becoming a lot more inconsistent, and due to global warming, this means that hotter weather is to be expected as the years pass.

How To Spot The Signs Of Different Health Conditions

There are a variety of conditions and illnesses which can prove very detrimental to our health. However, many have telltale signs that can be detected early to either stop the process before it damages our health too much or at the very least slow its effects. In this guide, straight stairlifts provider, Acorn Stairlifts, advises how to spot the signs of a number of different conditions:

10 September 2018

Top Things To Do In Tenerife With Kids

The Canary Islands are an easy-going, child-friendly destination with not much advance planning necessary. If you're going for the first time, then it's important to note that July and August can be very busy with the school holidays, so if you're wanting to experience it at its best, it's better to go at a quieter time of year. 

Early spring is a good time to travel with young children as the weather is still warm enough for beach days, without being too hot, and the theme parks and attractions are not too crowded – unless you go at the Easter holidays, that is.

9 September 2018

What Does Your Charm Bracelet Mean To You #YourCharmStory

Charm bracelets are beautiful and can be a delightful gift that can last a lifetime. You can start out small with one charm, then expanding with new pieces of jewellery to mark special occasions - like a collection of all your best life memories which can be collect and worn on your wrist.

For centuries custom silver charm bracelets have been popular with women from a wide range of cultures, age groups and social classes – with treasured pieces of jewellery frequently being passed from mother to daughter to granddaughter, down the family. They can be of great sentimental value, and there are even fashionable brands these days that are perfect to start out with too.

8 September 2018

Car Maintenance - Keeping Your Car In Tip Top Condition #TyreKnowledge

The summer holidays have just finished which means we've finally got some time to ourselves to get the everyday things done, without those pesky kids round our ankles! With this in mind, it's important to make sure that your car is road worthy now you've got a chance to spare some time. 

It's so important to check your car to make sure your car is safe from breaking down, and to prevent any accidents. When it comes to car maintenance, checking regularly is key - by fixing any niggles, you will be preventing any potential problems in the future which could end up being a costly business.

7 September 2018

4 Essential Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bathroom

This month is looking to be a busy one for us. After saving for what feels like forever, we finally have everything we need to renovate our bathroom. It's taken a long time, as designing a whole new bathroom comes with its own issues, and it's going to take even longer as we need to pull out all the old suite, tiles and furniture, ready for a brand new room being fitted.

I was thinking about how hard it has been to sort through the design of our bathroom, and thought I'd write about my 4 tips for choosing the perfect bathroom. 

4 September 2018

3 Things You Need To Do Before Holidaying Abroad

Travelling abroad can be amazing, exhilarating and can give you some of the best memories and sights you'll ever see and do. It can be stressful though, especially when you've not prepared well in advance, so here are a few tips to make sure your holidays get off to the best start...

Book The Right Holiday For You
I get it - booking abroad can be very daunting. There are so many places to visit, so many sights to see, and then you've got to think about the other people in your holiday party. Research is key here. There are many travel sights, such as Trip Advisor, that give you first hand reviews of locations, places and hotels all around the globe. 

2 September 2018

How To Do A DIY Holiday To Disney World

Travel, Walt Disney World Resort

Over the years,I have always dreamt of taking the kids to Walt Disney World Resort one day. The cost of doing so has always put me off though. Looking at package holidays to America can bring up prices up to tens of thousands, just for a basic holiday because we are classes as a large family. 

We have decided that if we ever do go to Disney, we will DIY it ourselves. In the long run, this will work out better for us as travel agents can't cater for what we want and their packages include things we don't need. 

Here's how we'll do a DIY Disney World holiday...

1 September 2018

Having Fun In A Splash About Poncho

It's no secret that my children are water babies. I mean, if there's water around, it's safe to say one, if not all, of my children will be paddling. We have the pool out most of the school holidays and they love the rain. We also go swimming once a week to help them build confidence around water. 

Have you ever tried keep a wet child warm, and drying them off, after a play session in the water though... hard isn't it? Towels just don't hang around well and children either end up all wrapped up and unable to move or freezing when the towel keeps falling off.

31 August 2018

The Rise Of Messy Play - And How It Can Help Educationally

I'm sure it's known all around the world, that children enjoy getting messy. From being outdoors and splashing in puddles and playing games in the mud, youngsters love getting their hands dirty. 

Often, we let older children discover these new environments themselves but messy play can be beneficial for babies and toddlers too. In fact, it can help for educational purposes, helping their cognitive development in many ways. 

30 August 2018

Skills That Will Help You Better Manage Your Family

Whether you realise it or not, managing a family teaches you a lot. It is an ongoing experience that teaches you about yourself as well as those around you. Regardless of the size or nature of your family, it’s likely that you need key skills to work together, cohabitate, as well as get along. These skills help you to build a home that functions in the way that you’d like as well as raise kids and be a good partner to your spouse if you have one. In case you’re wondering what exactly these skills are, this article is going to discuss three that should help you better manage your family.

27 August 2018

Having a Mum And Daughter Glam Day

My mum is amazing! - over the years, not only has she brought up her 3 children amazingly, but also her 2 step children who are from my dads previous marriage. She brought 5 of us up with no fuss, and no bother that 2 of my siblings aren't genetically hers - she didn't care and brought them up as her own. 

And now is no different. Now she is a grandma to way too many children to count, she still does everything for everyone else. My children adore her - I think my eldest would go and live with her if he could!

But it has started to change in that, now mum is getting older, we have realised that she also needs looking after and we all pull together to support out mum, and dad, whenever they need it - which is where our #GlamMa day comes in...

26 August 2018

How To Enjoy The Sun Responsibly

The summer has well an truly arrived here in the UK - it's been non-stop sun now for months and months. I'm fairly certain we're just a hot country now - I miss the snow! But for no, it's time to enjoy the sun and get outdoors. 

But whilst it's great to be out in the sun for short periods the damaging UVA and UVB rays can cause damage to your skin, leading to burns and skin cancer. In order to enjoy the summer to the fullest without burnt skin and hiding indoors, we all need to learn how to enjoy the sun responsibly and to show our children how to do the same. 

25 August 2018

Getting Back To School Ready

Going back to school, or starting for little ones, is always a stressful time. Not only do us parents need to make sure that our children have everything they need, and spares just in case, but children can be anxious about starting a new place or a new class. 

I find it's always great to keep everything positive. Children know when you’re feeling anxious and it will scare them, so make sure you keep all your language positive about how it’ll be and what they’ll do.

24 August 2018

Win a University Games Duo

It's coming to the end of the school holidays now and I'm sure we all have the same 'bored' children by now. It's just too long a holiday and by this time, we've done everything we needed to do and seen everything we wanted to see.

So it's up to the board games to take the boredom away, and lately there have been some amazing games that keep kids playing for longer and having fun. And today, I have a new giveaway for one person to win a duo of games from University Games.

21 August 2018

4 Ways to Cosy Up Your Bedroom for Autumn

We might still be in the midst of a beautiful Summer heat-wave at the moment, but we've got to get prepared as Autumn is coming, and with it chilly weather that is perfect for curling up in bed with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book, or the laptop. The good news is that there are plenty of easy changes you can make to turn your bedroom into a cosy space that you'll loath to leave. 

17 August 2018

Plus Size Swimwear To Make Your Body Pop

Being nearly naked in swimwear on a beach, you want your body to look fabulous, so here are my favourite picks of swimwear for women - no matter your body shape. Because remember, it doesn't matter what you wear, as long as you are comfortable in it, but it's great when you have a beautifully fitting swimsuit to flatter your figure...

15 August 2018

Mum Style On The School Run With JD Sports

As a mum to 3 children, I don't have a lot of time to spare on a morning to think about my own outfit for the school run. On the school run I see a lot of people with their hair done, make up on and a nice outfit and wonder how they have the time to get ready, as I don't 

For me, it's usually a case of just grabbing the first thing out of the wardrobe and hoping it matches with leggings - My go to outfit is usually a pair of leggings, a crop top and a nice pair of trainers but I try not to look like the tired 30 year old mum of 3 that I am whilst on the school run and always want to make more of an effort to dress better.

14 August 2018

Stocking Up At The Aldi Baby And Toddler Specialbuy Event

It's that time of year again when Aldi being out the big guns of their baby and toddler Specialbuy event and us parents get the chance to stock up on all those essentials that little ones need. As usual, Aldi has a great selection of products for little ones from bedroom furniture to books, feeding time to bath time and more all available at Aldi’s everyday amazing low prices.

13 August 2018

Twinning Is A Style Win!

As a parent you want your child to be as stylish as you are, or even more. If your child surpasses you in style it's even better as it was you who dressed them so you know your style is on point. It will reflect your good taste in fashion and how updated you are with trends. 

12 August 2018

Win A Fuzzikins Campervan Carry Case

The Fuzzikins craft sets are a great gift for creative kids as they bring adorable fuzzy animals to colour and play with. These craft sets offer hours of fun customising the Fuzzikins and their world and when you're finished, you can wash them and you can colour them again with a new look.

The Fuzzikins Campervan Carry Case (£19.99rrp) can be decorated and has plenty of space for the cats to enjoy a meal or have a quick cat-nap on the pull-down bed. Fuzzikins Cats love life on the open road and like nothing better than to drive their cool Campervan to the beach and party!

Win FabLab Festival Face Tattoo Set

Get the coolest Festival Face Tattoos look and be party ready with FabLab in minutes. These beautiful face tattoos are the coolest look for festivals this summer. With the new FabLab Festival Face Tattoo set from Interplay, you and the kids can look spectacular for festivals in no time.

Apply gorgeously sparkling and elegantly designed glitter and matt tattoos with ease. Every pack comes with over 12 intricate and utterly glamorous or fun and cute designs that can be customised for an individual look! Vibrantly coloured, you can find one to match your outfit! And they are easy to remove again too, so you can go from glam to natural as you please. And they contain no harmful chemicals and are fully tested and 100% non-toxic. 

8 August 2018

How New Lingerie Helps To Build My Body Confidence

I have always struggled with having confidence in my body and this year I have been challenging that by making a conscious effort to love my body. I initially started off by going to the gym and eating better so that my body would be healthier and stronger, but then I realised that I needed to change my own mindset. I mean, my body is amazing, I just need to believe that. 

Over the past few months, I have started showing off my body more in my body confidence section, and even though it might not be perfect to some people, I am starting to love it more and think that showing off my body, will in turn show people that you don't have to have a perfect body according to the media, for it to be perfect for you.

Win One of Two ACE Cleaning Bundles

I love nothing more than having a good cleaning day and getting down and dirty with some cleaning products to scrub the whole house. It's nice to see the end result, and sparkly and clean and smelling lovely, that is until the kids come in and wreck the place again!

Taking Inside Space Outside With A Garden Office

When you have a large family, trying to work out spacial arrangements in the house can be a pain. We have three bedrooms and a lot of storage space but even this doesn't give us enough space to house everything for our family of 5. 

We currently have to move ourselves around to fit everything in. The boys all share the largest bedroom as it means that they can all play together in one room, we have a bedroom and the spare one is currently just a dumping ground for a bit of everything. The games room, the storage area and the office. But we've decided that this year, we'll make use of the land at the side of our house and make a garden office.

7 August 2018

Perfect Birthday Gift ideas for Mom

Mother is a special gift for everyone. Mother is always there to protect us, teach us, pamper us and she spends her entire life looking after us and taking care of us. So, for such busy mother, you will have to make sure that her birthday is special. Maybe, till today, it was your mother who has planned all the birthdays in the house. On her birthday this year, it is time for you to do something like that for her and treat her. So, if you are looking for some birthday gifts for your mom, then here are a few suggestions for you. You should try them and your mother will love them for sure.

50th Birthday Gifts For Women

She has come to the golden era of her life and hence finding the perfect gift for her might be a bit of a challenge. The market has a wide assortment of amazing presents that can be personalised for the special person. The plethora of gift choices may leave you overwhelmed. In order to help you, here is a list of the most popular birthday gift ideas for her on the eve of her 50th birthday that can make her day:

31 July 2018

Ways To Save For House Renovations

10 years ago we were lucky enough to get the chance to live in our current house which my parents were in the process of buying. During that time, some of the rooms have had extensive changes to them. Taking it a room at a time to finally sort out the whole house to how we like it. 

I documented how we created a silver and grey living room with not many changes to our actual furniture, and then after that, we focused upstairs and a modern and sleek look was on the agenda when we designed our rose gold master bedroom to give a relaxing place to sleep. 

27 July 2018

Making The Spare Room Into A Games Room

An evening full of games is not meant just for the kids, with so many electronics on the market, there are plenty of activities to keep adults and children of all ages entertained. 

You may think your home has run out of space for a games room, but it’s possible that the spare bedroom, basement or attic is an untapped resource to make this room perfect for the whole family. Whether it’s already furnished, currently an office like our spare bedroom, or waiting to be sorted, you can certainly rework it into a great games room with a little know-how.

26 July 2018

Top 5 Tips To Increase Your Property Value

For some of us, choosing a home means that you are picking a place that you are going to live in for the rest of your life. However, for others, a property is an investment. One that they want to sell on and reap the benefits from in the long term.

If you fit into the second group of people, then chances are that you are going to want to see as much as possible from your investment when the time does come to sell. This means that you will want to know more about ways that you can increase the value of property and attract the best price.

23 July 2018

Numatic Henry Xtra Pet Vacuum Cleaner Review

Since we've lived in this house, we've had many vacuums and tried many brands, the one that has always come up best has been Henry vacuum. We've had him for about 12 years and he's still going strong now. He might have lost a little suction, but in over a decade, he's doing well. 

Well we've now had the chance to review a new Henry, the Numatic Henry Xtra Pet Vacuum Cleaner, and so I thought this would be a good time to take up the challenge and see if the new, pet vacuum, keeps up to my good old Henry. 

22 July 2018

Top Holiday Destinations For New Parents

As a new parent, you can sometimes feel a little out of your depth. You may find that you don’t always have time to enjoy time together as a family as you would have expected and so, when the holiday season comes around, you should make the most of it together. But which places are best for babies and tots? 

With the help of Babythingz, a leading UK supplier of cute cosytoes for prams and buggies I've discovered these top child-friendly holiday destinations for you to choose from when holidaying with little ones. 

16 July 2018

Glossybox Goes Under The Sea

Each month, I have started receiving a Glossybox to help fill up my make up collection. You'll have noticed that I have been sharing photos of my boxes over on Instagram. I enjoy the excitement each month of wondering what will be inside from one month to the next. It's given me a chance to try new make up techniques, new brands and Google what you have to do with some of the items - I'm a make up noob! 

This month, the guys over at Glossybox have sent me an extra box to give away to one of my lucky blog readers. The Under The Sea box is a special for this month and comes with a special design box.

The Results Of My Silk'n Lipo Trial

Over the past couple of month I have been trying to combat my body issues with Silk'n Lipo to see if I can gain body confidence in myself. I have always had issues with my body and these became more prevalent once I had children. 

It has left me feeling low at times. Sometimes not wanting to wear tight clothing, or clothing that will show off those parts pf my body. So when I had the chance to try out the Silk'n Lipo in a 10 week trial I thought it was great to see if I could finally gain some confidence in myself.