Rock Crawler 3XL RC Monster Truck Review

For Christmas, one toy was at the top of T's list - a remote control car. He's had RC cars before but they've never been good enough quality to make him stick at playing with them. You know the type, you stick a battery in and it lasts for half hour before going sluggish and needing the batteries replacing - at best, it'll run on the carpet but says no way to the rug. 

So this year we decided to make sure he got a great RC to play with, that will last more than just Christmas day and will keep him on his toes for the foreseeable. We searched for some great radio controlled toys and eventually found the Rock Crawler 3XL which not only sounds like an amazing monster truck, it is an amazing monster truck - that wont let anything get in its way!

It's rechargeable (it includes a 6.4V 500mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery and battery charger) so there's no problem needing to constantly buy batteries to top it up - although the remote uses 2 x AA batteries which also come included. And everything you need is included in the box, so there's no need to wait around on the start line - get racing straight away! 

With this heavy-duty, extreme radio controlled car you get up to 20-minute run time from a full charge and the 2.4GHz frequency allows up to eight cars to race each other without interference. 

Now to the uses of the Rock Crawler 3XL...

The Rock Crawler 3XL is designed for outdoor use on dirt, sand, grass and rocks (fair weather permitting) and its heavy duty suspension means that it has been designed for off-road use but it's equally at ease racing around on tarmac drives or pathways. 

It can easily manoeuvre over bumps in the road and can climb curbs with ease. We even managed to get it to go up the slide and in the snow. The box says it's suitable for ages 8+ but I think that's just because of its speed and the way you use the remote, as even C and J can run it - they might crash a lot but it's still going!

The remote for it makes it so much fun to use - The large transmitter has a finger trigger for precise speed control - Press it in to go forward and push it out to reverse. On the right hand side of the remote is a rotary dial with a small rotation angle for precision steering. 

T has been loving using the Rock Crawler 3XL - he's even been practising parallel parking with it after I showed him how to do it successfully (who said women can't park?!). Here's a short video of the Rock Crawler 3XL in use...


  1. Wow! That looks really good! I wish they were around when I was young. The rechargeable element to it is a great idea!

  2. My kids would love this

  3. This is actually something my daughter would love, she can be such a tomboy - I think that comes from having an older brother

  4. My nephew would love this! Thanks for the competitions.

  5. Anonymous12:29

    my nephews would love this

  6. So much fun playing with this in the park, everyone wants to have a fo

  7. Oh WOW i want one - never mind the kids

  8. Precise and ergonomically organized, the 2.4 GHz control unit that joins this vehicle is a delight to use. It will in general be u long range rc car transmitter and receiver

  9. Our little Grandson loves Monster Tricks!


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