My Christmas Eve Essentials

Nowadays, Christmas Eve seems to be just as important as Christmas. From last minute wrapping and prepping, to sorting the children. Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year and so I thought I'd write a post showing how I prepare for Christmas and what we do on Christmas Eve.

Last Minute Wrapping
There always seems to be those last few presents that turn up on Christmas Eve and need wrapping. I always make sure to save some paper just in case and have my pens on standby for those that I find at the back of the cupboard.

I love a good funky pen for writing with and BIC have released a Star Wars stationery product range which will not only make the perfect gifts for fans of all ages but the 4 Colours Ball Pen is wonderful to write with when finishing off the tags, and maybe a cheeky Tipp-Ex Mini Pocket Mouse Correction Tape as I'm known for always making mistakes!

And then on to packing the stockings...

A new collectable has arrived in the UK, Awesome Little Green Men - they may be small but their characters are larger than life and serious about the mission ahead, and they are the perfect stocking filler for children. Each with their own expression, you can find the likes of Sgt. Juliett and Major Zoomie to collect, each boasting different stats. Kids will love unpacking their stocking on Christmas morning to find their own mini army ready to be played with!

My sons love drawing, colouring and writing, and so I always fill their stockings with items that would be suitable for them. These BIC KIDS Magic Felt Pens have a medium-tip and are perfect for little artists as they come with two ink-erasers to rub out any mistakes or create intricate cut-out patterns. Plus, they are washable from most fabrics – so roll on the care-free colouring! There's also the BIC KIDS Evolution Ecolutions Colouring Pencils which are ultra-resistant, wood-free colouring pencils and are ideal for everyday drawing and colouring. These chew-resistant colour pencils are highly durable and won’t splinter if broken.

Setting The Table
I think having a centrepiece is so important on the Christmas table. Some people like to have a Christmas ornament, or a sparkling candle. But I love flowers. Not only do flowers look beautiful on the table, but this Festivity bouquet from Prestige Flowers has cinnamon sticks to really get you into the Christmas spirit.   

The Festivity bouquet is my favourite Christmas arrangements and comes with a whole bunch of Christmas flowers. With Rudolph red roses, gentle gerberas and cinnamon sticks - Festivity embraces true Christmas tradition with red festive blooms and green aspidistra. What's more, it comes with a free box of chocolate so you can treat yourself on Christmas Eve. 

There's nothing better on Christmas day, than sitting down at the table and getting to pull a cracker or two. There are some amazing crackers out there nowadays too and these Luxury Nutcracker Crackers from Sous Chef will brighten up any Christmas table.

The crackers are filled with kitchen-themed prizes especially for Sous Chef. You’ll find adorable mini graters, whisks, egg cups, honey dippers and even cookie cutters. Each box contains 6 luxury Christmas crackers.

If you're looking for a cracker to treat yourself, then my favourite is the Perfect Treats Cracker from Grace Cole.  This little crackers come packed with nourishing creams for hand and nails, containing two perfectly sized hand and nail creams and nail file - 2 x 30ml Hand & Nail Creams in Nectarine Blossom & Grapefruit & White Nectarine & Pear and a nail file. 

Having a few snacks around the home at Christmas is important. It can get a little overwhelming with all the chocolate you have over the festive period and so I like to mix it up a little with some great-tasting fruit, nut and seed snacks from Forest Feast. Among festive traditions, cracking open nuts in their shell will be a must this Christmas Eve and Forest Feast have a range of shelled nuts, just ready to be cracked and eaten. Choose from firm festive favourites such as Walnuts in Shell or mix it up with Mixed Nuts in Shell. 

Now, you can't set the table without sampling the drinks available. On Christmas Eve I like to set out the Christmas glasses and tableware and have a tipple myself. The VonShef Copper Wine Glasses from Domu are perfect on my dinner table and are a stylish new way to enjoy wine. What's more, they are 100% unbreakable and they keep drinks chilled for longer than a standard wine glass

Inside my beautiful glass, I have enjoy some Disaronno as I find that it just has such a flavour that it leaves me feeling so Christmassy. This bottle is a limited edition Disaronno wears Missoni and is available from 31Dover. Use the code YORKM31D10 for 10% off site wide on 31Dover!

The classic shape of the Disaronno bottle is given a modern update, stamped with the trademark zigzag stripes of the Missoni brand, with warm liqueur tones viewed through the transparent sections that become part of the design itself.

And then comes the bit of Christmas we as a family don't personally like - the Christmas treats. Christmas pudding, mince pies and Christmas cake. We aren't partial to these and so prefer to treat ourselves at Christmas with other sweet treats. InterCake is the place to order from for amazing personalised cakes that are perfect for a Christmas alternative.

You can print perfect, personalised celebration cakes in your local Asda and Morrisons stores. Touchscreen Intercake kiosks are in hundreds of stores across the UK. They are called Design A Cake in Asda and Photo Me Cake in Morrisons. Customers upload their photo through iPhone or USB or scan in a printed photo. You can also make use of their own designs, of which this Christmas cake is from.  

The Christmas Eve Box
It's the day that we get to spend with the kids, when they're in full excitement mode, and trying to keep them occupied whist they are ready for Christmas is hard work. That's why the idea of having a Christmas Eve box came up. 

If you're looking for a personalised box, then the Personalised Christmas Eve Box with ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas book and Personalised Christmas Eve Plate from Babyblooms would be perfect too. This beautifully personalised wooden Christmas Eve box comes complete with a luxury, cloth bound version of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ and a personalised Christmas Eve plate for Santa’s snacks and Ruldolph’s carrot, this is a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas Eve.

You can make your very own hamper too and include anything that you think will be perfect for Christmas Eve. I find that one of the must have items in a Christmas Eve box, is a nice book to enjoy with the whole family. The Christmas Snowflake is a personalised book from Wonderbly that is a visual treat that includes up to 9 family members. As well as the delightful story and the personalisation that children can read and grow up with, as the final page is turned, you’ll find a charming pull-out-and-keep ornament - something that you can hang on your Christmas tree!

As a little limited edition inclusion, these Mickey and Minnie Itty Bittys make a great addition to my Christmas Eve box and are available from Hallmark. The Itty Bitty range is also the perfect size to pop in any stocking, just choose from the many Christmas characters, Disney favourites or comic book superheroes. 

And you can't do a Christmas Eve box without new pyjama's. I always do a pair each for the whole family and don't make these Christmas designed as I want to be able to use them afterwards too. These Disney Grumpy Dwarf pyjama set have been released to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and available exclusively at Next.  

The dark grey and burgundy cotton PJ set features a classic festive Grumpy Dwarf design – however in true Grumpy fashion he is certainly not spreading Christmas cheer and despite Christmas being the season to be jolly, he is ‘Always Grumpy’.

I also think loungewear looks so good and picked out these gorgeous Everyday Tank Top and Lounge Pants from Jockey. Available in a range of different colours, this range of comfortable lounge clothing is the perfect combination of timeless design, premium quality and great fit.

You can't have a Christmas Eve box without Now That's What I Call Christmas and all those funky Christmas songs to listen to. Now That's What I Call Christmas is a 2-disc compilation album of holiday-themed songs. Featuring top favourites such as All I Want for Christmas Is You and Last Christmas, a good Christmas album would be nothing without a good kids song and Frozen's all time hit Do You Want To Build A Snowman? is included to get the kids into the Christmas spirit too.

And of course, every Christmas Eve box needs to be packed out with some goodies to munch your way through on Christmas Eve - as if Christmas isn't glutenous as it is - and so I always add in a few Cadbury Christmas treats for the boys and these cute packs are so sweet for little ones to enjoy.

I mean, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a Christmas Eve box - it can have whatever you and your family enjoy in it. DVD's, more books, craft items, matching socks, reindeer food, etc that will all make your Christmas Eve special.


  1. We make Reindeer Food with oats and glitter and we sprinkle it on to the lawn on Christmas Eve - the glitter lights up in the moonlight to guide the reindeer in to our garden and the oats give them a tasty snack. It never fails and Santa always visits us and the oats have always gone by Christmas morning!

  2. Now you've got me excited
    I'm not a liver of mince pies but Christmas cake always goes down well
    Started mine in August -maturing nicely now

  3. Every year I say that I won't be wrapping that one last gift on Christmas Eve, but every year I am. Wine, snacks and chocolates definitely help though.

  4. I have a nightmare with the stockings now as our kids still want them but they fall asleep so late now! Mich x

  5. This year we no longer have our elf (he has gone to a family with younger children and believers) and he used to always drop off a similar parcel. The boys have asked if he can come back!