Modern or Traditional? Which Conservatory Style Will You Opt for?

A bright, open and airy space, the conservatory is flooded with natural light, a room that connects your home with the garden.

It is a beautiful room with a beautiful view but although it may look simple, styling the conservatory so that it offers what you want and need from it can be difficult.

Conservatory Styling Solutions
Getting the right look and ambience to this versatile room starts with your understanding of how best to use all that natural light and connections with the outdoors and the rest of your home.

But how do you do that?
· How do you use the conservatory? 
From a dining room to an informal living room to play room, there are a myriad of uses for the modern conservatory. How you use yours will impact on the style choices you make.

· What are your likes and dislikes? 
Interior design is essentially about creating a stylish yet functional scheme that you like but also works for you and your family. Styling the conservatory is not just about wall colour and scatter cushions. It is about creating the perfect room in which to relax, eat or play.

· What style is your home and conservatory? 
From the traditional to the Georgian era to the uber-modern new build, there are many facades and styles that the conservatory needs to effortlessly blend with. This too has an impact on the styles choices and details in your conservatory.

· How do materials work in the space? 
The conservatory offers a sometimes temperate, sometimes humid environment. Not all materials work well under such conditions but rattan, for example, is a natural, sustainable material that works well within a conservatory.

Everything in One Handy Guide 
Well-written and researched, this Guide to Stylish Conservatory Furniture is perfect for anyone looking to create a stylish conservatory that allows the interior of the home and garden to connect seamlessly as one.


  1. Always glad when you give tips -im hopeless at interior DESIGNS

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