AO.com Saves The Day With A Hoover HO7D3120IN Double Oven

You know it's just before Christmas when something breaks. It's like December hits and the oven decides to go on Christmas strike and give up the ghost. I mean, every year we go to my parents house for Christmas lunch as it's the only time off year that we're all off work and can spend it together - my family, my parents and my brother. 

My dad is disabled so cannot get out much and my mum is his carer and I help as well where my mum needs help.  That's the whole reason we bought our house as it was on the same street so I could always be there to help them whenever needed. 

We're like a little team - my mum bakes and I cook, whilst the men play with the kids in the front room. And it works for us. So, when the oven decided to die, we were left wondering how on Earth we were going to manage this Christmas. 

And that's when AO.com stepped in to save the day...

Not only did they deliver an Hoover HO7D3120IN Built Under Double Oven very quickly just before Christmas, but they installed it and took away the old appliance too. I mean, how amazing is that! It meant that we could get prepping for Christmas as soon as they had been and gone as it was up and ready for us to use. 

The Hoover HO7D3120IN Built Under Double Oven is an amazing appliance and gives a lot of different ways to cook. Not only does it give you 2 ovens to cook from, but both ovens have handy grill settings so you have plenty of choice of ways to cook. And it doesn't end there - you can choose to use the top element, bottom element, or both, to get the perfect cook for what's in the oven.  

It is a stainless steel double oven and so looks stunning at the heart of the kitchen and is a built-under electric double oven which is designed to fit under the worktop with ease. 

The oven also has a handy programmable timer that lets you set the exact cooking time, then switches off automatically when your food’s ready. I find this totally amazing as sometimes, when looking after a disabled person, it's hard to be able to time when you will be doing something so it means that the food won't burn and will be cooked to perfection when you're able to take it out. 

For me though, the Hydro Easy clean system is my favourite part of this oven as it makes cleaning easy. It's so amazing - you simply add water to the bottom of the oven and turn up the temperature to create powerful steam. This loosens any grease or burnt on food inside so you can easily wipe it off with ease - perfect for easy cleaning out after the hefty Christmas dinner. 

All in all, the Hoover HO7D3120IN Built Under Double Oven is like the gift that keeps on giving. A double oven, double grill options and a steam cleaning setting to make cooking to doddle this Christmas. 

It's meant that we have baked the most scrumptious mince pies this year and they were perfectly cooked throughout with no soggy bottom!


  1. My oven is broke !! Looking for a new one - looks PERFECT -im hoping father CHRISTMAS will deliver
    MERRY Christmas to you all

  2. Wow what a fab oven i bet your parents are well chuffed with it.

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