Air Wars Battle Drones Review

The boys are drone mad at the moment and so when we were sent the very exciting Air Wars Battle Drones, the boys couldn't contain their excitement at getting to not only play with drone, but battle with them too. 

Drones seems to have become such a huge must have item this year and so I think it was a great idea to make them into a kids toy that can be played, and battled with - giving children a whole new aspect of play with and off-the-ground toy.

So, inside this pretty cool package comes 2 Air Wars Battle drones so you can start your battles straight away. One red drone and the other one is grey - and they come with matching controllers. The drones are rechargeable and you get 2 micro USB charging cables into the box which can easily be used with a USB charging plug (which I'm sure we all have around the home). You also get a range of 10 different blades and weapons to add to your drones to make the battle epic. 

And that's it. Once charged, they are ready to go. And the goal of the Air Wars Battle Drones? - knock your opponent out of the sky!

The Air Wars Battle Drones are suitable for children of around 8 years and older, but after a lot of practice, even 6 year old C got the hang of them. And I must say, they are very lightweight so it does take some practice to get the flying right. Luckily, the drones come with 3 speed settings so that you can get used to the controls without it flying away from you too fast. 

With them being lightweight, I would say that you definitely should take care whilst out and about. If there's a little gust of wind then you might find yourself chasing them down the street, but so far, we've been playing in the house (moving all breakables away) and the boys have slowly been getting the hang of how to control their drones. 

The drones are pretty simple to set up. You have to sync each drone to their controller (do this one at a time to prevent interference) and then you're ready to go. Just make sure you know which way your drone is facing before you start manoeuvres as we had a few 'flying off in the wrong direction' moments until we realised that there are window type cut-outs on the top of the drone to show which way is forward. 

Press the launch button to get your drone to take off and land easily. If in a situation where you need your drone to land quickly, then press and hold this launch button for about 2 seconds and this will command the drone to land safely. There are two thumbsticks - the left controls height and the right controls direction. 

And then it comes to attacking. The drones come programmed with 4 attacks ready to use - top left is ram attack, top right is tornado attack, bottom left is 360 spin attack and bottom right is circle attack - so once you've added your weapons, you can get by in battles by pressing these buttons whenever your opponent is near.  

I must admit, the boys love the weapons. It's like a modern day, flying Robot Wars where you can make your drone and create what attacks and weapons each will do. 

The only photo I managed to get without it being blurry!
As it turns out, flying things are hard to photograph!
Personally, I think the only downside is the 'up time' that the drones have before needing charging. We got about 10 minutes at most before the drones needing charging again. But I do get why. If each drone had a hefty battery attached then it's not going to fly, so that's the compromise, but it does mean that you have to get your drone fully charged and prepped with weapons attached etc before the switch on.

Okay, overall the Air Wars Battle Drones are super fun to play with. It actually takes very good skill to be able to hit each other but the good thing is, is that you can just fly them as a drone too and just have fun flying through the skies. 

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