Rock Crawler 3XL RC Monster Truck Review

For Christmas, one toy was at the top of T's list - a remote control car. He's had RC cars before but they've never been good enough quality to make him stick at playing with them. You know the type, you stick a battery in and it lasts for half hour before going sluggish and needing the batteries replacing - at best, it'll run on the carpet but says no way to the rug. 

So this year we decided to make sure he got a great RC to play with, that will last more than just Christmas day and will keep him on his toes for the foreseeable. We searched for some great radio controlled toys and eventually found the Rock Crawler 3XL which not only sounds like an amazing monster truck, it is an amazing monster truck - that wont let anything get in its way!


Thomas & Friends Alpha-Phonics and Flip & Learn Phone Review

Thomas the Tank Engine is a favourite programme for the boys to watch and so when J was sent the Thomas Flip & Learn Phone and the matching Learn with Thomas Alpha-Phonics toys, I knew that he'd love them. 

As a lover of anything technology based, J is loving playing with both toys - the Thomas Flip & Learn Phone has been glued to his ear ever since he got it from the box.


Party Hard, Train Harder with the Teenage Cancer Trust

As someone who loves Christmas, I admit that I do go all out when it comes to the month of December. I'm not exactly a big drinker (having 3 children puts a stop to that ha!) but I love food - lots of food. Especially Christmas food.

I mean, who doesn't love to stuff their faces with mince pies, Christmas pudding and the whole of the Christmas dinner?! But after the December binge, comes January, when everyone starts the 'new year, new me' rubbish that no one ever sticks to, but the Teenage Cancer Trust asked me to be a part of their new campaign which I thought would work wonders for me, and help in raising funds at the same time. 


From New Grad to Entrepreneur: Starting Up After Uni

As a fresh-faced graduate, you have completed a huge chapter in your life and are now wondering 'What is next for me?' This can be a daunting question to confront, but by facing it head-on, you are able to dispel the fear of adulthood and instead focus on the opportunities that being free from full-time education and having a great degree under your belt can bring. However, this doesn't mean you have to wait for someone else to give you these opportunities. Starting up your own business gives you complete control over your future and allows you to build something you can be truly proud of. After all, why spend your youth building someone else’s dream when you can realise your own? Here are a few pointers for the budding entrepreneur on starting your first enterprise.


AO.com Saves The Day With A Hoover HO7D3120IN Double Oven

You know it's just before Christmas when something breaks. It's like December hits and the oven decides to go on Christmas strike and give up the ghost. I mean, every year we go to my parents house for Christmas lunch as it's the only time off year that we're all off work and can spend it together - my family, my parents and my brother. 

My dad is disabled so cannot get out much and my mum is his carer and I help as well where my mum needs help.  That's the whole reason we bought our house as it was on the same street so I could always be there to help them whenever needed. 

Modern or Traditional? Which Conservatory Style Will You Opt for?

A bright, open and airy space, the conservatory is flooded with natural light, a room that connects your home with the garden.

It is a beautiful room with a beautiful view but although it may look simple, styling the conservatory so that it offers what you want and need from it can be difficult.


A Resolution You Should Make In The New Year

New Years Resolutions always seem to be the same things every year - eat less, move more, do more. But they always seem to be unobtainable. I mean, who really thinks that they wont eat chocolate, I couldn't give it up for one month never mind a whole year. 

With 2018 around the corner and a bunch of unrealistic New Years resolutions coming our way, I think it's about time that we start thinking about New Years resolutions that we can keep. No more of this New Year, New Me rubbish. Just the same old us, but with new goals to look after ourselves better. 


How to Cope Living with Depression

As a crippling mental illness, Depression can affect your life and the way you live it in a multitude of significant ways. From skipping social meetups to avoiding responsibilities altogether, it is important that you understand your illness and the ways in which you can get better. As a sufferer myself, I know how isolating life with depression can be; but with right support system and doctor’s advice, you are capable of getting better. Remember, there are millions of people in the world who are affected by the same illness as you, so you will never once be alone. It’s just down to you to take that all-important step to recovery and realise this.


The Gardening Diaries - Companion Planting

As a keen gardener, I love finding new ways of growing fruit and veg to get my green-fingers going. Companion planting has always been something that has interested me. Many benefits come with companion planting, 

Companion planting is the notion of planting of two or more crop species together so that you may get excellent cultural benefits such as higher yields and pest control. For instance, tomatoes taste better when planted together with basil. Similarly, harvesting them is made more comfortable because they are next to each other.


Air Wars Battle Drones Review

The boys are drone mad at the moment and so when we were sent the very exciting Air Wars Battle Drones, the boys couldn't contain their excitement at getting to not only play with drone, but battle with them too. 

Drones seems to have become such a huge must have item this year and so I think it was a great idea to make them into a kids toy that can be played, and battled with - giving children a whole new aspect of play with and off-the-ground toy.


Why Bristol is a Great City to Retire

Are you quickly approaching your retirement years and busy trying to figure out the best place to live and spend your time? If that’s the case, then you will want to check out what Bristol has to offer retirees. Named as Britain's best city to live in for 2017, this city is showing residents and visitors just exactly why it was given such a distinctive title. So, before you make any sort of decision, here's a look at what makes Bristol such a standout option for retirees.


My Christmas Eve Essentials

Nowadays, Christmas Eve seems to be just as important as Christmas. From last minute wrapping and prepping, to sorting the children. Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year and so I thought I'd write a post showing how I prepare for Christmas and what we do on Christmas Eve.