What's In Your Ideal Bathroom?

For a lot of people, the ideal home is a home that has everything they need and even more. It’s a place of excesses and luxury. However, it’s important to understand that luxury is related to having more than you need. There’s no denying that luxury could also be part of your ideal home. But at the core of its definition, what is ideal is what fulfills its function perfectly, aka it’s a home that has everything you need in it. Luxury, if luxury there is, comes on top, as there’s no point having all the beautiful things that are not necessary to your wellbeing if you can’t perform basic functions. Who needs a pool full of gold when you’ve got no bathroom? Staying in the same room with this train of thoughts, here’s what you need to find in your ideal bathroom.

All the gadgets you need

The beauty industry has changed a lot since the time of our grandmothers! For a start, your makeup bag has probably doubled in size, if not more, since the 1950s. But, more importantly, people need a lot more beauty gadgets in their everyday routine. If you’ve got long hair, you’re probably using a curling wand to add a touch of glamour to your nights out. Long forgotten the cucumber trick for your skin: nowadays, you rely on facial masks and an electric Braun face spa to give you a radiant glow. And when it comes to hair removal, you probably have an electric epilator for all those summer evenings! 

Functioning and quality bathroom appliances

At the core of your bathroom, there’s the need for quality appliances that keep your beauty routine ticking. For instance, an illuminated mirror is your ally to achieve the perfect nude makeup. You can find Roper Rhodes latest mirror range on here, if you need a change of decor, by the way. Similarly, there can be no beauty routine without a proper washbasin, that is at the right height for your needs. It’s the little details that count! 

Quality towels and robes 
If you’ve had your towels for several years, it’s time to change them. Indeed, a decent towel lasts five to ten years, after what it will feel tired and damaged. There is a variety of towel styles, from waffle weave to hamman-style. The choice will depend on your preferences as well on the ability of the towel to get you dry quickly. If you’re after something simple, the White Company has hydrocotton towels that are fluffy and absorbent. For a waffle design, check the Design Project by John Lewis, instead. 

Organic products that are good for you
Finally, fulfilling washing and beauty functions is one thing. Looking after your health is the second most important role of your bathroom. You need to keep beauty products that are gentle on your skin. Organic beauty products don’t contain any harmful chemical ingredient. Instead, they include algae, tonka bean and vegetable collagen to give you the best of nature without the worst of human-made labs!

In short, your ideal bathroom is a bathroom that works hard to keep you feeling beautiful and healthy at all times. Of course, once you’ve got that, you can add a pinch of luxury to the final result. How about taking a glass of wine in the bath?


  1. A mirror can make someone's much difference -one that lights up is perfect for all the families needs
    Soft towels too

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  3. Lovely article, with great ideas and beautiful pictures; thank you!

    You are so right about the number of beauty products. I've had to face the fact, when deciding how to arrange any room, that I need to think how much storage space I imagine I need, and then double it to get the real amount.

    But you're also right that if you start out realistic about what you need, you can still add the fancy touches afterwards. I think it's the best approach.

    [Reposted with typos fixed.]

  4. Emma chapman06:35

    Mirror as I would be lost without one

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  6. Our bathroom is completely white with light grey floor tiles. We have a very useful cabinet which is tall and slender, and the top half rotates to reveal the mirror on the back!

  7. I hate my bathroom, it's the worst room in the house. It's so tiny, we can't even have a normal sink on a pedestal.

  8. We have two large windowsills in our bathroom which all our cosmetics are on, we have to get a mirror for it, and some new luxury hand towels would be nice xXx

  9. I have always wanted a roll top bath! :)