What to do with you spare room

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room, it can still be difficult to make the most of it. Unless you have a clear idea and the drive to see it through, you risk your spare room filling up with boxes and clutter and being somewhere you’d never really want to go.

Today we’re inspiring you with some ideas for ways you can use a spare bedroom that’ll turn it into a useful and vital part of your home. Simply clear out your clutter with storage companies like bystored.com and get to work!

Home Office
Whether you work from home a lot, are secretly toiling away at your first novel, or simply want somewhere to deal with bills and correspondence, a home office is a great idea.

Furnishing your spare room with a comfortable chair, and a desk at the right height to avoid back ache and neck strain gives you a safe haven to retreat to when you have work to do. It’s much easier to focus on the task at hand in a room you’ve put together for that purpose, than at the kitchen table, distracted by the activity of everyone else in the house.

Arts and Crafts
Crafting, whether you’re sewing, knitting, painting or even getting into more complicated projects with woodwork, can be a really rewarding pastime. It’s also messy and disruptive to the rest of the house! Devoting a whole room to your crafting projects means you have the space you need to pursue your projects, without the risk of cluttering up the rest of your house with your equipment, materials and offcuts.

A craft room also gives you somewhere to display the results of your labours, so you can show them off and be proud of what you’ve done!

Guest Room
It might not be the most original use of your spare bedroom, but keeping a well maintained guestroom is worth your while, especially if you regularly have a lot of guests. If you’ve found your bedroom is now free because your children have grown up and moved out, using it as a guest room means they have somewhere to stay when they visit home, as well as giving you the space to accommodate other guests in the lap of luxury. 

If you’re able to furnish your spare room to a high standard, you could even make a little money by renting it out as an AirBnB location!


  1. A spare bedroom?? I love the idea of that lol, although when I do have a spare bedroom in the future it will mean my children have flown the nest which is a scary thought, my son is 13 now and I'm dreading the day he moves out, although he says he doesn't want to ever move out, he's a mummy's boy, my five year old daughter also told me when she's older she doesn't want to move out, I said she didn't have to, she said yes but when your older you have to move out and get married, I said you don't have to so she's happy, these are lovely ideas xxx

  2. I always wanted a spare room I could use for my hobbies, but we never had the space. Last year we bought a house where I have my own craft room. It still has to do double duty as a guest bedroom, but it is large enough for a double bed and a table for my sewing machine. It's so nice being able to have a project on the go and to leave it in place overnight, rather than having to clear it away each day which I what I used to have to do when I sewed on the dining table.

  3. Love your office. Its just my style.

  4. I wish I had the space for these ideas, they're fab!

  5. Now there's just the 2 of us in a 4 bedroom house, the second bedroom has become my wife's sewing/knitting/craft room, the third bedroom is my wife's hair/make-up/quiet reading room, and the small 4th bedroom is my office..... Hmmmm.... lol

  6. Loving your style
    Not sure I'd be renting unless I got desperate
    Love my own space

  7. Some really fab ideas! I just need to wait until my 20 year old son and 21 year old daughter leave home lol

  8. I do always think about turning it into an office. but seeing this has made me rethink

  9. Wish I had a spare room..id make a walk in wardrobe