Storage Solutions: Introducing My Hygge Inspired JYSK Room

As you know I recently partnered JYSK, the international chain of stores that sells everything for your home. Our partnership was part of JYSK’s celebrations around the opening of its 2,500th store globally and the results of the Feel the Happiness Survey that you contributed to, helped give us an insight into what makes you happiest at home – the Scandinavians call it Hygge!

As part of the campaign I was invited to select some Hygge inspired items from JYSK’s range of Scandinavian-style furniture. Hygge is all about that atmosphere that makes you feel at home, and it can be little things such as a cuddly throw or the warm glow of a softly flickering candle. 

Being a parent to 3 children, the biggest problem in our house is toys... Toys and books. They're everywhere. The house could be all sorted and tidy, and it would still look cluttered from all the toys. I'll walk into a room and we'll have magically collected more toys from somewhere. 

And toy boxes look messy and take up so much room. I like the minimalistic look and this doesn't happen when there are toys everywhere. So I decided that some storage solutions would be the perfect items to pick from the JYSK range. 

After much deliberation, the ESKEBJERG shelving unit stood out to me as a great item to have in the home. Available in a white deco veneer, it has 3 spacious drawers, on wheels, underneath which I thought would be the perfect place to hide toys away. 

Delivery went smoothly and everything arrived safely with me and so then it was just a case of tackling the assembly of my new shelving unit. And I can admit that I'm glad I didn't do this on my own. One word of advice when purchasing online, make sure you measure everything as the ESKEBJERG unit is a lot bigger than I thought it would be – which was a pleasant surprise given the generous storage space offered, but I would definitely recommend building it in the room you'll be using it in as it's a big unit once built. 

Luckily, the step by step instructions are so easy to follow with diagrams and labels on everything, and so even though it was such a big unit, it didn't take too long to build. Not only is this ease of build down to the quality workmanship but the whole process is written down so you don't miss anything. 

And so, although you've already seen my home office, the other side of that room doubles as a reading nook and a place to store some toys. It means that this room has a lot of uses and can look quite busy sometimes. With the ESKEBJERG shelving unit added to the room it means that I can now store the boys books as well as hiding their toys away so that it's no longer cluttered looking. 

Plenty of storage and being organised is important for any home office, especially when the room doubles as a play room too. But just to add a little hygge to this side of the room and make it match it's surroundings, I added some GODTFRED storage boxes into the unit to make even more storage.

What I love is that the GODTFRED boxes fit into the unit so easily and look like they're supposed to be there. You can get them in a range of colours and designs to suit your style and they hold a huge amount of things inside. You'd never tell that this corner used to be filled with toys that are now nowhere to be seen!

Then, to top of the ESKEBJERG shelving unit, I accessorised with JYSK’s really nice FOSS vase, TORGEIR artificial plants and some of their FRIDOLIN bowls. Check out my choices at www.JYSK.co.uk.

The inclusion of the ESKEBJERG shelving unit has now finished off this room as the tranquil, hygge room I want whilst still being a multi-use space. Now that it's completed, how do you like the finished look?

And if you're wanting to know how you can add hygge into the bedroom, then check out My Three And Me's post all about how she's created a bedroom filled with those hygge essentials, and some very beautiful furniture too!


  1. Wow I'm loving this clean cut style
    Stylish and chic -perfect storage in my bedroom

  2. Very stylish, warm, and cosy, love how the Sweedes (hope I have spelt that right! ) live!

  3. I absolutely love the eskebjerg storage unit, it would look great in my living room, it would match my white and oak TV unit perfectly xxx

  4. Really nice work. Shelving units with boxes look wonderful, and are so, so practical.

  5. That looks really good! Nice and clean looking with good lines, and not over-fancy, just what we like!

  6. It looks great! Very simple, but elegant!

  7. Looks lovely I'm rather jealous

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