My 3 Tips For When There's Not Enough Light In The Day

It's that time of year again, the clocks have gone back and we're in darkness for what feels like most of the day. I literally hate this time of year. Not only for the main reasons of outdoor safety, not being able to let the kids play out and not getting enough Vitamin D, but also because as a blogger, trying to take photos in dullness is nigh on impossible. 

I mean, when you're picking out some new clothing from LOTD but know that it going to be impossible find get the perfect Insta shot because the sun just wont allow it. Or when you have to edit your photos to full brightness just to be able to see the colours in your new cushions. How is a blogger to live?!

So for me, I have worked out, after a mere 5 years of blogging, my three tips to get the perfect shot, and a bit of brightness, when there is none in sight. 

Invest In Daylight Bulbs 
In an ideal world, we'd all live and work in places that offered the perfect natural light for whatever we needed to do, when we needed to do it but for when this doesn't happen, daylight bulbs are a saviour. Daylight bulbs are exactly what you'd imagine - they're bulbs that mimic the bright sunshine. 

Regular bulbs have a yellow hue to them and make colours look distorted when photographed and so having a daylight bulb means that you can get those shots you really need, even when it's dark outside. 

Get Close To The Window
Windows are your best friend when you need natural light. The best thing about my house is the huge windows that let in huge amounts of light. So, if you're in need of the perfect photo, set yourself up next to a big window and get snapping. Roof Windows have a whole range of flat roof windows that would work even better for natural light as they would get the sunlight from directly above, making the photos look natural with a good reflection. 

If all else fails, get in the tub...
Okay, this one might sound a little odd but stay with me here. Where's the brightest place in your house?... The bathroom. And the bath is a huge blank, white canvas that is the perfect place for taking product shots if needs be. I have done this many a time and there's no way you can notice that they've been given the bath treatment (just make sure you don't capture the taps in the background).


  1. The tub is a strange one -ypu are right it's the brightest place in ours too

  2. I haven't heard of daylight bulbs before,I'd never have thought of the tub but it's a fantastic idea xXx

  3. Great tips, never thought about the bathroom

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