How to Stay Warm This Winter

The winter weather is rapidly approaching, which means you must ensure you are ready for the cold season before it arrives. To help you do so, read the following top tips on how to stay warm this winter.

Keep Yourself Warm
The first thing you should remember is that it’s easier to change your body’s core temperature than a room temperature. So, if you feel more than a little chilly, add an extra layer of clothing before you turn up the heating.

Wear a Hat to Retain Warmth
Your body will lose heat from any exposed area, which is why you should wrap up warm once the cold temperatures set in. You should, therefore, put a hat on once you head on out into the great outdoors this winter.

Install a Radiator
Now is the time to start checking your radiators are in tip-top condition, as you will not want them to let you down once the cold weather rears its head. It is important to pick a style that will not only warms your home this winter, but complements your interior style. Check out Warm Rooms for the finest horizontal and vertical column radiator designs.

Line Your Radiator 
Another top tip is to line your radiator to prevent heat escaping from your home. To do so, you simply need to line the space between the radiator and the wall with tin foil, as this will help retain heat across your home.

Accurately Dress Your Bed
How you dress your bed will determine your warmth at night. For example, fluffy blankets should be placed closest to your skin, while thinner blankets should be placed at the top to prevent heat loss. You also shouldn’t position your bed against an exterior wall, as you’ll be warmer with a bit of space.

Enjoy Both Hot and Cold Showers 
Many people believe they should only enjoy a hot shower during winter; however, a cold shower can be just as beneficial throughout the colder seasons. While hot showers can increase your core temperature, a cold shower can potentially boost your blood circulation between your organs and skin. What’s more, it could create a stronger immune system, which could protect your body against seasonal illnesses, such as a common cold or influenza.

Schedule Warmth with a Programmable Thermostat
Do you want to avoid returning home to a cold home? Invest in a programmable thermostat to stay warm on schedule. You can program the thermostat to turn onto your desired temperature at the right time, so you can continually enjoy a toasty home. You can even opt for a programmable thermostat that can be set on your smartphone.

Use a Humidifier to Create Warmer Air
Humid air is often much warmer than dry air. It might, therefore, be beneficial to keep your humidifier running throughout the day. Also, you add more humidity into the air by showering with the bathroom door open, as every little will help to keep your home warm throughout winter.


  1. Great tips, I dread getting out of the shower and it being cold in the winter don't know if I'd take a cold shower xxx

  2. Anonymous13:33

    Thanks for the information, as we have been told that this winter is to be colder than the last few years have been.

    Rachel Craig

  3. Great ideas, thank you. I like to have a hot water bottle around at this time of year, too.

  4. Thanks for the tips
    Think I'll invest in a humidifier
    Might improve my health

  5. Just read that this winter is going to be bitterly cold.