Happy Home Office: Introducing My JYSK Hygge Happy Place

As you know I recently partnered JYSK, the international chain of stores that sells everything for your home.

Our partnership was part of JYSK’s celebrations around the opening of its 2,500th store globally and the results of the Feel the Happiness Survey you contributed to helped give us an insight into what makes you happiest at home – the Scandinavians call it Hygge!

As part of the campaign I was invited to select some Hygge inspired items from JYSK’s range of Scandinavian-style furniture and I couldn’t wait to get cracking on making my own little piece of Hygge heaven at home.

In my day to day as a blogger I have a lot of juggling to do – the demands of family life mean my work has to be fitted around more than one person’s schedule! So I was delighted to have the opportunity to pick furniture and accessories for a workplace spot that would offer a comfy corner to sit, think and write.

Having made my choices for a lovely workplace I settled down to wait for my JYSK items, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Everything arrived safely and well packaged and I was kept updated on the progress of delivery. It was time to work some Hygge magic, but first I had to tackle assembly of my lovely new JYSK ABBETVED desk!

The first thing I needed to do was unpack all the boxes and check that everything was there. The instruction manual has a handy guide which shows you what should be included and everything that was meant to be included was indeed there.

All the parts and fastenings such as screws etc are all clearly marked. This is very important when starting on assembly - it really helps you to follow the instructions properly!

Putting together flat-pack furniture quickly and simply is down to the quality of the labelling and this was all very straightforward. 

Now that everything is unpacked, it's time to put our new desk together!

My most important tip is to follow the instructions to the letter. By doing this I guarantee you won’t go wrong.

The desk was very easy to put together. The instructions’ diagrams are clear and precise. Plus there weren’t that many elements to assemble – just attaching the legs and the leg bracing bars, flipping over the desk and fitting the drawer into the drawer slot. Simple!

I absolutely love the design, and the quality of the workmanship is brilliant. I think the desk looks great; it's a real statement piece.

A home office has become a permanent fixture in many homes. Some people can allocate an entire room for use as a home office, while others create space in a hallway, a bedroom or the living room. There are plenty of options when it comes to designing a home office that can be tucked away in plain sight, marrying function with style. 

I chose to team my lovely new oak/white ABBETVED desk with a cool, calming and comfy EGEDAL armchair in light grey. I cozied-up my little perch even more with the addition of one or two cushions from JYSK’s fab range, opting for fake fur and embossed choices and tied it all together with a lovely cuddly LINNEA throw. 

Plenty of storage and being organised is important for any home office so I added some GODTFRED storage boxes, one or two FRIDOLIN bowls – for those important bits and bobs – and accessorised with JYSK’s really nice FOSS vase and TORGEIR artificial plants. Check out my choices at www.JYSK.co.uk.

Now I have a happy home office spot to call my own and it’s all very Hygge. #chooseJYSK


  1. Loving your choices -id love yo have such beauty too
    Thanks for the inspiration

  2. It looks very stylish and cosy xXx

  3. What a lovely little area I adore the bits u chose and am in live with the desk

  4. looks lovely and calm

  5. Looks really good and doesn't take up too much room by the look of it.