Giving Your Bedroom a Makeover the Easy Way

The time has come when you feel the need to change how your bedroom looks. You go to bed unhappy with how messy and unkempt it is and in the morning, you look around and know it needs a complete makeover. But where do you start?

Here are a few quick ideas to spruce up your bedroom without turning it into a major project that takes weeks to complete.

Dual Lamps
Bedrooms are often too dark and lack sufficient light to feel like living spaces. While complete darkness is preferable to get off to sleep and achieve high-quality levels of REM sleep for the duration, the rest of the time spent in the bedroom demands a sufficient level of illumination. One way to do this is to add one or two new lamps to bring greater light levels and add colour and design elements to the bedroom.

If you have a favourite colour, it may be time to exercise your right to bring in a couple of lamps with lampshades that dare to use your chosen hue. Just make sure it doesn’t clash with the rest of the decorations that won’t be changed in your makeover.

A Painting
It’s a pleasing idea to choose one, solitary painting that symbolises what you want your central message to be. Whether it’s the first thing you see when you awaken and sit up in bed in the morning or the image to view right before you close your eyes to sleep, a painting is an excellent way to centre your mind to avoid losing focus.

There are hundreds of thousands of artists’ photos and paintings that are printable on art paper, canvas and other media before being framed and hung up in the bedroom. You just select the image that you find speaks to you and order it. You can check this website to find that special painting or photo that works its magic on you.

Sheepskin Rug
When you wake up in the morning and your feet first hit the floor, to walk on a soft cuddly sheepskin rug is a touch of luxury that’s difficult to say no to. It beats the traditional rug that tends to be woven from coarser materials and even the soft carpet doesn’t feel as soft or easy on your feet.

For animal rights supporters, there are also faux sheepskin rugs that emulate the same type of comfort but aren’t derived from animals.

Comforter & Sheets 
One of the major changes you can make in a bedroom is to change the bedding and the sheets. A completely different bedding using a new colour scheme and pattern will brighten up the bedroom no end and change how it appears from every angle in the room. It’s a more significant purchase, so it’s best done when these items have begun to show their wear and tear and are nearing the end of their useful life already.

After the family room and the kitchen, your bedroom is likely to be the place where you spend the most time when you’re not at work. It stands to reason that you should give it a makeover every few years to keep it interesting.


  1. I recently updated my bedroom by buying a different colour of bed linen and matching new cushions to give an extra splash of colour. It's made a huge difference.

  2. My task for the new year is to finally update my bedroom!

  3. Great ideas, we have just moved, we have laid the living room flooring, painted the feature wall, we need to paint the other three walls now, then on to the 3 bedrooms xXx

  4. "...without turning it into a major project that takes weeks to complete"

    Isn't that always the challenge?! Great ideas, thank you!

  5. Surprising how a little effort can make the perfect bedroom
    Great ideas thanks

  6. We have sheepskin rugs by the side of the bed! They are great first thing in the morning!
    Nice bits of artwork (posters in frames) can also brighten the room up!

  7. Emma Chapman11:47

    Really amazing how easy it is make my bedroom amazing

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